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Name: Misaki Bachiko
Age: 14
Gender: female
Personality: funny, shy, protective, sweet, kind, caring, fearless, calm, cheerful, gloomy, fierce, aggressive, misunderstood, and I'm the  jealous type.
Status: single
Likes: having fun, swords, exploring, adventures, playing games
Dislikes: liars, cheaters, and haters
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(open rp) I was sitting on top of a old building watching over the small city with my sword by my just in case if something goes wrong. The sun began to go down then I heard screams so I jump down and ran towards the screams and I saw a gang of some sort and I took my sword out of its sheath and one of the men saw me and tried to hit me but I duck avoiding the hit. I whistled and a dragon came. The dragon landed behind me and the men looked at the dragon with fear and the dragon let out a huge roar and I smirked and said guys, this is Sapphire. the dragon growled and they ran away in fear and I laughed lightly and petted the dragons head good girl. Now, lets get something to eat I’m starving. me and Sapphire walked in the city and we stopped at a booth and I got a sandwich and Sapphire a fish and the person in the booth thanks us and I nodded and you walked behind me and said...
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