Dear Friend,

If you’ve been waiting for a victory in any area of your life, I have good news for you today.

Whether you’ve been praying for victory in your finances, your health, in a relationship, for a child, on your job, or in a dream you’re pursuing . . .

Victory is closer than you think . . . much closer!

Here is a truth I want you to get down in your spirit: Victory isn’t a year away, a month away, or even a week away . . .

Victory is here!
You can experience it today!

God has already gone before you. He has already lined up the right people, arranged the right breaks, and put the right opportunities in place.

Even when you don’t know it and even if you can’t see it, God has already given you the victory.

Now, I know we all face situations from time to time that seem impossible. And I know it’s easy to become discouraged and think that things will never work out.

But in the Scripture, God gives us a promise of great hope. He says:

I will go before you and make the
crooked places straight . . .
Isaiah 45:2

That means the Most High God, the Creator of the universe, the One who controls it all has gone before you. He is fighting your battles. He will make the crooked places straight.

God is your guarantee of victory — He is your hope today!

You don’t have to know how it is all going to work out, and you don’t have to make it happen in your own strength. Your part is to just stay in faith.

If you’ll stay on the high road and keep being your best each day, you will see the hand of God at work in amazing ways.

God provides the victory before we even fight the battle!

Maybe you’ve lost a job or had your hours cut back. Maybe you’re going through a relationship struggle or a financial uncertainty. It’s easy to get negative and think nothing will ever change. But you have to realize this struggle is not a surprise to God. He has gone before you and has prepared your victory.

Before you ever had the problem,
God already had the solution.

Before you ever see it in the natural, victory has already been provided in the spiritual. Victory is here today!
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