hi bonnie!! wish you enjoy my song!!! please post it on you blog and you can say my name like onelovewright ok!!

hello! i writhe my first song bonnie! you can post her on your blog and put my name like onelovewright!!


bonnie, please
be my mother, please
im a fan of you
oh oh
say your the lucky one
tell me you will go on
my facebook an twitter.
we will talk talk and talk
forever im a fan of you bonnie.

please do you know bonnie
im a fan fan fan of you
yes i am am am oh oh
im a fan i see your perfect smiles
everywhere im a fan

when i see you the first time in
the harry potter, i fall in like
like is fall in like, i was a fan from the first look.

dont think about me
dont think about you
dont think about about
just think that im a fan


See you here tonight,
im a fan of you bonnie, please
go on you social and like my pages
la la la oh oh oh
somebody say your crazy
ill hit them in the face
we are one and the same bonnie be
my friend!!

i like the way you smile, forget
about your other fans
come in my home and say hello
im a fan, me im a fan oh oh
im a fan of you bonnie.

i have no bonnie in my life
its like a dead life, i see your
blogs they are perfect you know
when i see you the first time in the
harry potters i fall in love
i was a fan


ill watch your own ghost
in the summer, winter,
automn and spring.
like is fall in like
im a fan


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