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{Quote:} "Close the window! Your letting in too much light!"

{Name:} Lucas Heartlock

{Preferred Name:} Luke

{Gender:} Male

{Age:} 17

{Height:} 5.2 (Wolf from 2'07")

{Sexuality:} Bisexual

{Mate:} None

{Mother:} Died~

{Father:} Left~

{Siblings:} His Little Sister, Sarah~

{Pups:} None

{Likes:} Darkness, Night, Anime, Baseball, Snow, and The Moon

{Dislikes:} Lightness, The Sun, and Bullies

{Looks/Description:} Pic below

{Abilities and Powers:} Lucas can make a high pitching loud yowl or howl that can be heard from 100 miles away from him. The high pitch howl can heard hus enemy's ears up to a the point where the enemy can't hear anymore

{Equipment and Weapons:} Lucas has a whip that can reach up to 20 inches

{Personality/Traits:} Lucas is really quiet. He doesn't like to be bothered but if it means for his sister, Sarah, he will do anything for her

{Bio:} Lucas' dad left him and his sister when he was 8 and his sister was 6. He had to survive on his own. His mom died and there was nothing he could do. He survived tho and went to a high school when he got 16

{Pack:} Loner
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