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Humanity should put time and effort in restoring Dense Forestation World Wide, this way is there more Oxygen in the Atmosphere so that the Ozone Layer can heal itself overtime.

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Humanity should restore Dense Forestation World Wide based on Forest Diversity, we should employ Forest Diversity Specialists who work with Volunteers and Prisoners who showed Good Behavior to help restore Dense Forestation World Wide so there is more Oxygen in the Atmosphere so that the Ozone Layer can restore itself Overtime.

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Hi, I am a writer and love writing Erotica. I was wondering what this group is about?

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I met him at an orgy in the swingers’ club "Miami Velvet" on Halloween night. I had traveled from Bradenton, about four hours away, to come to the big costume party "Inferno" that began at midnight. I was a little nervous because I was going to participate in my first swingers’ party. I had agreed to go with Yuniesky, a Cuban guy with twenty inch arms but a five inch dick, whom I had met just two weeks before. He was a good guy but a little stupid. He was only interested in dancing Reggaeton and UFC fights. He insisted so much that I finally had to agree, although all the while I had been wishing secretly to go. I had already learned that you have to make men fight for things, if not they blame you when they don’t get a hard on.
This time they had thrown down the house. In the main hall they had placed a fiberglass platform with a giant mat. Almost everyone was dressed up so it was not unusual to find a pirate fucking a zombie or two nurses licking Freddy Krueger’s balls. On the walls, giant screens showed close-ups of what was happening in the different rooms. I figured they served two purposes, make you come, and when you left, you knew where your partner was.
I saw him there, wearing only black stockings, knee-fucking from behind a Brazilian brunette two meters high, while another; a burly black guy stuffed her mouth with a giant sweaty black cock, almost limp. I must say that when I saw the European guy under the neon lights, with his dark hair and those beautiful green eyes and goatee, I thought he was beautiful. He was like a modern Don Quixote. Skinny but strong, he had a body of young guy, hard and muscular even though he was in his thirties, and two perfect buttocks that tensed rhythmically every two or three seconds.
I had never liked older men and the oldest guy I had gone out with was Yuniesky, who at the time was like twenty four. But there was something about this other man that dazzled me, and not only his body. In his eyes, in his movements, there was a certain peace. He had something that, in the midst of that wildness, made him seem relaxed, serene, and cleaned up, as if nothing could touch him.
The Brazilian woman had a tattoo of a red and yellow sun around her ass. The rays were the folds of ass and I wondered how the artist had designed it. He had to be a virtuoso, because depending on her breathing the sunlight rays expanded and retracted lighting her buttocks or hiding inside her butthole. She was strong because between the two of them they were squeezing her like an accordion. At the end of the night she would probably have a herniated cervical disk from twisting so much. I had seen these practices in the porn films that my brother left, but I had just turned nineteen, and live this “singadera” was way more fun. Occasionally I saw something that overwhelmed me and then a cozy little warm cramp would go up my spine.
I remember that when this wiry man pulled his cock from inside the Brazilian girl, it shocked me, and I let out a shriek that made Yuniesky turn and scold me.
"Oe, oe ... easy, you are not alone!"
He must have gotten pissed, because he released my hand and left, but I did not care. The green-eyed guy had the largest and most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It really was a blessed member. No veins, soft and rosy like a newborn animal. The Girl from Ipanema complained when he dismounted, articulating unintelligible, guttural noises because she still had a mouthful and the black guy refused to get it out. But the green-eyed man was no longer interested in her..
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