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IndotechGroup is leading manufacturer of manual and custom based Vertical column bandsaw machines in India. This Bandsaw machine is specially used for cutting square and flat materials with different sizes of cross sections. Vertical bandsaw manufactured…

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High Efficiency CNC Plate Drilling
Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd
Technical Department

GZP series CNC high speed plate drilling

For drilling flange, heat exchanger, tube plate etc. CNC control, high efficiency and accuracy, easy operation and programming. Also for mass production.


Machine bed, working table, drilling head are high load cast iron structure, reasonable layout, with better rigidity and stability.

Through finite element analysis and optimal design, can realize drilling, slight milling and tapping functions.

High load capacity linear roller guide , can sustain bigger workpiece stress.

Precision inner cooling BT50 spindle, can equip carbide drill. Drilling speed up to 3000 rpm.

Equip with hydraulic unclamping cylinder, easy loading and unloading tools.

Fagor 8055 or Siemens 840D CNC system, transfer CAD/CAM to program, east input and store workpiece parameters.

All machine components are world famous brands, low failure rate and good reputation.

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Successful cases:

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Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd
CNC machine manufacturer specialist
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High Efficiency Multi-spindle CNC Drilling Machine

Supertime Technical Department

DDZC8080/12 Multi-spindle plate drilling machine is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, boiler barrel etc, for processing flange, heat exchanger, tube plates.


1. Equipped with 12 spindles, realizes high processing efficiency and accuracy, easy programming and operation.

2.Equipped with 4 groups of drilling heads. Every group 3 spindles. Distances between every spindle is 310-360mm, distance is adjustable.

3.Spindle taper Morse 5, equipped with 5/4 reducing sleeve.

4.Lathe bed and gantry has better static and dynamic rigidity through optimum design.

5.Drilling head has reasonable structure through finite element analysis and strengthening treatment of weak parts.

6.All components are world famous brand brand.

Successful cases:

Max. Workpiece size: 8000x8000mm
T-slot width: 28mm
Spindle taper: Morse 5
Spindle No.: 12
Max. drilling dia.: φ50mm
Max. drilling depth: 320mm
Spindle rotation speed: 60-450 rpm

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Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd
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Your Reliable Plate Drilling Supplier

SUPERTIME--Complte Solutions For Plate Drilling

Drilling Material:
Steel, stainless steel of Tube plate, plate, baffle plate, round flange etc;

Application industries:
Construction, bridge, steel tower and other industries, also for mass production.

1--Normal speed plate drilling equips twist drill; high speed plate drilling equips with twist drill or carbide drill.

2--Normal speed plate drilling adopts hydraulic feeding; high speed plate drilling adopts servo feeding. Hydraulic feeding modes can realize only drilling function, while servo feeding mode can realize drilling, milling, tapping functions with preset values in PC.

3--When drilling various holes diameters, high speed plate drilling machine has hydraulic clamping cylinder, can equip with automatic tools change (ATC). Easy operation and higher processing efficiency.

4--High speed plate drilling adopts inner cooling, with proof to prevent cooling liquid and chips from splashing. Normal speed drilling adopts outer cooling.

More models for choice:
Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd

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CNC Drilling Machine Surface Maintenance

Supertime Technical Department

Professional customized CNC machine manufacturer, Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd is taking a leading place on domestic market, and continuously is increasing its market share in over 30 countries worldwide.

CNC plate drilling machine is mainly used for processing flange, heat-exchanger, tube plate etc. With advantages of high processing and accuracy, convenient programming, easy operation.

In order to improve processing efficiency and prolongs machine longevity, surface maintenance is vital. Below are steps for maintenance:

--Increase surface hardness, abrasion resistance, resistance to high temperature oxidation.

--Increase anti-abrasion and ejection ability, improves processing efficiency.

--Surface hardening treatment, simplifies process and heat treatment flow, reduces cost.

More info:
Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd
Customized CNC machine manufacturer

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How To Choose Suitable Drilling Tools ?

SUPERTIME Technical department

Every producer cares about high processing efficiency, high quality, cost-saving and tools longevity. But how to choose suitable tools for drilling?

Here is the key.

1)According to efficiency (pic.1)
Normal speed drilling-Twist drill: (+) low-cost, wide range application, easy maintenance. () Poor smoothness.
High speed drilling-Carbide drill: (+) high temperature resistance, good wear resistance, high efficiency & precision, good smoothness. () high-cost, non reusable.

2)According to drill depth (pic.2)
Drill depth/drill dia≤5--Carbide drill, (+) low-cost, high efficiency & precision, good smoothness.
Deep hole--Solid carbide twist drill or BTA drill.

3)According to work piece material (pic.3)
High hardness —Carbide drill
Low hardness--Solid carbide chip broken drill

4)According to spindle taper (pic.4)
Morse taper--High speed twist drill
Taper 7:24--twist drill or other drills

More info:
Jinan Supetime Technology Co.,Ltd
Complete solutions for plate drilling.
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