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This is a very long post describing the information on this group.

Richard "Dick" Jensen was a steam locomotive preservationist based out of Chicago. In the 1960's and 70's, he saved several steam locomotives from being scrapped. However, Richard Jensen was NOT successful in preserving these engines. It all started with him not paying rent, which led to the demise of CB&Q 4-8-4 #5632. Shortly after, NKP 2-8-2 #965 was lost to the torch.
Dick also owned a 4-6-0, a CB&Q 2-8-2, but his best known engine was the only one he fully restored, Grand Trunk Western 4-6-2 #5629. Dick was severely injured in the late 70's and was unable to pay rent. To make matters worse, 5629 was illegally scrapped in 1987. The CB&Q mikado ended up at The Illinois Railway Museum, while the 4-6-0's whereabouts are unknown at this time. Dick passed away in 1996.
Throughout his life, Richard was never really a "friend" to the railfanning community, and died a unhappy man. However today, more and more rail fans are learning about what a great man he was, so this group is for those who remembered Richard as a steam locomotive fanatic.

In this club, members are encouraged to post anything that relates to Mr. Jensen and his locomotives. You don't have to post, but anything you do will be appreciated. PLEASE ONLY POST THINGS RELATING TO MR. JENSEN; ANYTHING ELSE WILL BE REMOVED!

-Only post things relating to Richard Jensen and his collection. (This includes locomotives belonging to the same class as his locomotives.)
-With all pictures you post that weren't taken by you, please give credit to who did.
-Post your posts to the correct category that fits them the most. lol

1st offense: Warning/violation removed
2nd offense: Warning/violation removed
3rd offense: Temporarily banned
4th offense: Perminately banned
5th offense: Report to Google

June 30th is Dick Jensen Day
July is 5629 Month (The same month she was cut up)

+icverano525 is in charge now.

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5629 really smoking it up...

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5629 in regular service note it is in the middle.

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This might not be Jensen related,but please!

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5629 in 1966!

Happy Richard Jensen Day everyone! Don't forget to post pictures of him and his locomotives today.

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Here is 5629 as it looked today. If only I could get closer to it...

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Look closely to the right around the 0:17-0:20 mark to see 5629.

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I found this pic showing 5629 near an H-16-44 and some NKP RS switchers in Chicago.
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