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Mark talks with us about the dark forces that have been manipulating and controlling the mainstream music industry for decades, and how this ties into the much larger picture of what is really going on in the world.

hey truthloaders

im just watching some documentations about the balkan wars

im pretty shocked and disturbed because im just 23 years old and i didnt heared anything about it!

well the time where all this happend i was 10 years old but ... in german historyclass i just learned about the first and second world war, some colonisation stuff with the spanish,british,french and germans.

that documentations make it look like that what happend from 1991-1999 in the balkan region, is the same that happend from 1939-145, and im asking myself ... 


isnt this so present nowadays like the nazistuff from 1939?!?!

i mean now with the ucraine crisis, is more far away from the ''mayor'' eu states like france,germany,UK, and so on and the balkan is more close than this.

but what i want to point out is, that it is ridicoulus that u find so much documentations on nazicrimes and so less on the balkan war.

i would like to see you to maybe make something like a fact hunt, with the numbers of the balkan war something like the casulties, refugees,
and how the situation is now adays

i think its a pitty that this looks like its going to be forgoten

... btw sorry for my fucked up english but im kinda upset right now 

Hey Truthloader's,
i have a question, but first i think i should explain a little bit why i'm asking this.
It's primary about the stuff happening in the Ukraine. In my Country (Germany), no, really no bigger News Company or Broadcaster said something about the ''new'' government of the Ukraine, that it might be national socialist / nazi like oriented. On Truthloader ive seen a video about that, and from other Channels too.

In Germany, one of the reason's why this topic is muted for the wider mass is, that those who pay those News Companys dont want it to be broadcasted. There are other reason's too, but they are more political and i dont really know what to think of this.

What my question is, who pays you?
I mean i dont want to indicate that you are corrupt or so, but for me it would be somehow easier on my mind to know what kind of institution is behind Truthloader.

I hope i was able to properly express what i wanted to tell you ...

My intend for this post isnt bad or evil ... its just id like to know whats there you know? ^^''

so you could make a video from the beginning of truthloader and who initiated it and stuff =D

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This is an informational link to the May 16th multi-million person protest seeking to oust the criminals out of office. I'll be participating if my work schedule permits!

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