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We will win the war

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For those who are still here, I have made a community for the new republic in the legends/alternate time line campaign, join and by all means, take your characters you made here and bring em over.

Alright, Role call for who's still here, one comment only please, let's see if we can salvage this community

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sorry guys but I have to reshare for safety reasons!

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I'm a Jedi

Name: Alex Herrings
Age: 18
Rank: Padawan
Weapon: Blue lightsabre
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Home planet: Tatooine
Bio: Boring

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Technically, after watching Star Wars: Force Awakens; wouldn't the New Republic be destroyed  and Starkiller Base caused like 5 supernovas, since it's sucking up the power of a sun?

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Name: Scope Ranger
Title: Darth Rumes
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft. 5in.
Rank: Sith Lord
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Weapon: Standard red lightsaber

I was born in Mustafar, but raised in the Death Star.
I was tought the ways of the force by my master, Darth Vader himself.
Now Im in need of an apprentice to teach the ways of the force to.
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