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Career Horoscope

This is a powerful time for networking and all sorts of group plans and projects. The cosmos can scatter your energies. Do your best to focus on one task at a time. Your boss or a co-worker could be especially irritating. Do your best to listen as well as talk. Not everyone is as progressive as you. Patience is necessary. New opportunities are just around the corner.

Daily Horoscope

TUESDAY - JAN 24, 2017

Your poise and gracious nature serve you well now, Aquarius. The best thing you can do today is spend time around other people. Go to a party or other social gathering tonight. The evening is bound to be a resounding success as you radiate warmth and energy and people respond in kind. Allow everyone the pleasure of basking in your glow.

Daily Love Horoscope

TUESDAY - JAN 24, 2017

You will have more of a chance to get asked out for a date today if you can just stop worrying about whether you will be asked out or not. The energy radiating from the planets is bringing out the more manipulative and power-hungry side of your personality, which could have a negative effect. If you enjoy the day without worrying either way, you will find things work out fine very soon.

Monthly Horoscope


You may feel mired in the details and minor chores of daily life during the January 12 Full Moon. You don't need to feel suppressed by this. It's also a chance to make some little changes that please you deeply in a very personal way. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 19. It feels good to participate, contribute, and maybe take a lead in a work larger than yourself. The New Moon on January 27 is all yours. Take a fresh look at how you feel and present yourself. Redefine yourself and maybe create a whole new look and attitude toward life.

Weekly Horoscope

JANUARY 23, 2017 THRU JANUARY 29, 2017

You could feel pulled in different directions by various interests, your friends, or certain responsibilities you're currently dealing with. But with the Sun now in Aquarius, it's time to ask yourself what you want. What course of action could you take now that would reaffirm your core strengths? As Mars enters your sector of communication, the answers may come through engaging in those interests you're most passionate about. A decision made this weekend could leave you feeling more at ease.

Daily Wellness Horoscope

TUESDAY - JAN 24, 2017

You may want to do some kind of volunteer work. Helping the needy is a year-round opportunity, not limited to certain special occasions. Pay attention to this part of yourself and to your outgoing nature. If you have like-minded friends, try to start planning a day or two of service in advance. There are so many opportunities for giving of yourself that you may have a hard time deciding where to focus your attention.

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