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Gender:Unknown.~Takes Many Forms~

The Stories=Demons,Angels,Kings,And Queens.You Name It,Mortals And Immortals.In A Land,Not Too Far Away.There Were Every Kinds Of Creatures And Royals.The Story Is Starting~Enjoy.

"Luen Pin,Chai Sa Go Bah,Choo Wooo WanaSenbo.Endo Drato"


Part 2:You Woke Up In Horror...In A Dark Place...All You Can Hear Was A Robotic Ring....Then You Heard A Robotic Voice...

"My Name Is Game.Welcome To My World,How Dare You..? Enter My Realm? Foolish Indeed." The Cruel Sick Female And Robotic Like Voice Taunted.

"You Are Now...In My World...Enjoy~! My Lovely Soldier...Pawn...Shh...Human..You May Not TALK.Now...Go..Away.."

"You Are Forever...Doomed Here...There's No Escape..."The Sad Girl Would Cry,You Tried To Reach Out But You Weren't Able To Do Anything.You Just Stand There And Watch As You Blocked Out As Soon As The Girl Thrust The Knife Through Her Heart.

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