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Would you please join and/or share my new RP community?

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(Self Approved)


Name Natalie Manning aka Dr. Manning
Age 31 years
Gender Female
Position Doctor
Illness ×
Field ER/Trama doctor, Pediatrician
Family Deceased Husband
Nickname Nat
Personality Dr. Manning is a person who has a good outlook on things. She is always trying to cheer people up and will very rarely get upset over anything.
Likes Making people feel better, Work
Dislikes Death, Unknown Solutions
Bio Natalie had a good life: A well paying job, a loving husband but when her husband passed away while at war, she used work as a way out. She practically lives at work just so she doesn't have to go home and revisit old memories.


Hair Dark brown, Wavy
Eyes Green
Skin Pale from lack of sun
Height/weight 5'4" and 153lbs


Pets None
Talents Making the best out of any situation
Other ×
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So I have a question: Is that a limit on what kind of doctor you can be? Like does a therapist count as a doctor? I know it's a strange question but I'm just wondering?

Anyone up for RPing?


Emmaly sits on her bed coloring a picture from a Tangled coloring book


Name*Maxine isabella Sãnchez
*Age 16
Gender female (originally born male)
Position (Patient, doctor, or nurse.))patiet
Illness depression/suicidal
Field ((If a doctor or nurse.))
Family ((Optional))
Nickname Izzy (most people) Maxine(adults)
Personality she is typically very kind, caring, loving,loyal. Smart, bubbly, cunning, fierce and fiery yet she can get depresed at times
Likes reading, writing, dancing, singing, playing violin and guitar, studying, learning, art, drawing, cooking, animals , flowers,nature, spring, spanish food, italian food, watching movies, doctor who, house MD, speaking Spanish, criminal minds,dresses, jeans, camouflage, hunting, chocolate,blue candy, Chinese food, Japanese food, children, helping, technology, movies, horror movies
Dislikes*small spaces, water, seeing people she cares about hurt,death,going hungry, staying up all night with no sleep
*Bio*Maxine was 8 when she found out she wasn't like other boys. Maxine was 10 when she discovered she wanted to be a girl. Maxine was 13 when she had the surgery and started hormones. Maxine was 14 when a bully at school found out. Maxine was diagnosed with depression at 14, she was admitted to the hospital 15. Maxine tried to commit suicide at 16 a few weeks after she left the hospital. Maxine feels like no one cares, her parents let her make decisions because they are done trying to help her. Maxine was officially signed over to the hospital and abandoned two weeks after her 16th birthday.


Hair she has curly dark brown hair that goes to her waist
Eyes she has bright green eyes
Skin she has an olive skin tone
Height/weight she is about 5 ft 2, and 150 pounds


Pets none
Talents she has an amazing talent for drawing, violin, singing, and dancing
Other she has a violin in her hospital room

(Sorry i couldn't find a decent picture)

((Closed continued. +Morgan Zeiske ))

I nod slightly. Maybe. I'd think you'd be notified though.

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Please join and share around google plus. We need people to be doctors, nurses, patients, and paramedics.

Still here. Still around.
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