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Preparation of skin before makeup....

Cleasing- Use facewash or cleanser atleast for 2-3 mins in a circular motion with a soft hand to clean skin. Dab the skin to get it dry with a soft cloth or towel.

Toner- Use it after drying ur face with the halp of cotton pad or with a spray bottle. Use dabbing technique and apply it all over face wait for next 2-3 min till toner is absorbed completely.

Moisturiser-Now the time for nourishment. Use moisturiser with a soft hand and give 2 min break again to absorb in skin.

Underbase/Primer-Now we will start first step of makeup by using underbase or primer we will give our skin a single coat of primer/underbase.Give a pause of 2-3 min again. Pausing n dabbing is the main thing in whole process.

Now the tools through which we have to apply foundation..
1)Flat foundation brush
3)Blending foundation brush

Types of foundation
1)Liquid- These are the foundation in which there is less number of pigment available and more h2o. This is basically for daily use. Spreadability is too much in this foundation due to too much liquidity.

Cream-These are the foundation in which there is more pigment than water ration is 60:40.This is basically to cover more skin than liquid foundation. Spreadability is less than liquid foundation because there is more pigment.

Compact-These are the foundation in which there is pigment ration is 80% and liquid ratio is 20%. This is not for regular use, this kind of foundation is used in media makeup. There is very little spreadability in this foundation. This is also called powder foundation.

Fixing of foundation/Sealing of foundation
There are two ways to fix foundation
1) Loose powder-With loose powder we use powder brush only not puff in a dabbing technique. And fix our foundation.
2)Compact Powder- It can be applied through loose powder as well compact powder and we can use either powder brush or powder puff.

Coutouring technique and product
We can apply countering cream based foundation at the time of usin g cream based foundation or we can use it after sealing of foundation with the help of bronzer by using contouring brush.

Types of Eyeliner

1)Sketch eyeliner
2)Liquid eyeliner
3)Gel eyeliner

Types of Maskara

1)Liquid Maskara-To specify each threads of Eye lashes
2)Gel Maskara-To give thickness to lashes
3)Fibre maskara-To enhance eyelashes


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1)Tips for dry skin in winters....
Before sleeping wash ur face with mild and moisturised cleanser and apply moisturiser in good quantity which u need to massage in circular motion to absorb in skin.....
This will gives u a soft skin when u awake.

2)After bath in winters apply body lotion or olive oil instantly on moist skin this will help lotion/oil to get absorb in skin fast and make it smooth....

3)When u apply hydrated primer before makeup give 2-3 min break time between primer and foundation this will help primer to absorb in skin and gives ur foundation a proper support.

4)If u want to do smokey black eyes makeup so here are the steps to follow....
Prime ur eyes with primer
Apply foundation base on ur eyelid and blend it properly....
Now apply black gel eye liner below the eyelid and spread it with the help of brush.
Take black eye shadow apply it over gel eyeliner and apply it below the eyelid and make a v shape if u want else let it be over eyelids only....
Take reddish brown color and blend it around eye lid to gives a better merge look.
Apply black gel eyeliner as per ur face shape either winged or without wing...
Finish it with 2 coat of waterproof Maskara...
You are done....
Hope it helped you girls. Give a try and send me a picture of your work would love to see it....



1. Take your favorite lip moisturizer and apply. I'm using Sugar Lips.

2. Line your lips with Jordana Lip Liner in Plush Plum.

3. Fill in with Elf cosmetics (Rich Red) matte lip liner up to the middle of the lips, fading it out.

4. Apply Mac Satin Lipstick in Viva Glam Nicki 1 on the center of the lips.

5. Blend the lips together.

6. Take Jordana Plush Plum and fill up the bottom and any gaps. Blend.

7. You can always stop here and not apply the gloss leaving a more matte finish.

8. Apply Motives Cosmetics Lip Shine in Glam on the lips for that gorgeous shine and sparkle.

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