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God's character as essential good, His infinite power and knowledge, and "the ripple effect."

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"Precious in the sight of the Lord Is the death of His saints." Psalm 116:15

We miss our dear brother, Nabeel Qureshi, and pray for his family and friends. We will see him again.

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When an atheist looks at the arguments for God he does not look at the arguments as we look at them.

He is not looking at them to ponder, consider, reflect or open his heart in humility to be enlightened, but rather he looks at the arguments to explain them away. That's his agenda, that's his commitment.

His fundamental disposition is one of inflexible stubbornness. He comes to the data with an impure heart — he has already rejected God, a priori.

He has an agenda, he does not want to learn anything about God, and he does not want to feel convicted or give up any ground in regard to his absolute commitment and bent towards self-rule.

The unbeliever TRIES so hard to refute every argument for God's existence. He is in a desperate situation. His arguments HAVE to work, he has FAITH in them. Putting aside for now that his arguments fail miserably I just want to focus on his FAITH.

He has FAITH that God did not create the universe. Of course, he has no evidence for his FAITH.

Hebrews 11:6 says that it is impossible to please God without FAITH. Well — for the atheist — he has nothing to worry about because his FAITH is extraordinary.

Not only does he fail to prove God's non-existence, but he also fails to prove the truth of his own position. In my experiences with atheists I've found it extraordinarily suspicious that they don't want to discuss the evidence — or truth — for their own position.

They are desperate to avoid the question in regard to their own FAITH.

by Paul Ross

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Polemic Arguments Against Islam
A Very Informative Education on Islam

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Polemic Arguments Against Islam
Jay Smith gives an Education on Islam.

When it is said that God necessarily exists, is it because we exist and so a creator is needed or is it because God necessarily exists regardless if there is a creation.

What really causes violence? Is it Mankind's animal nature? Is it their World View? Is it both? Are all Religions the same? Are all World Views the same? If Mankind has a tendency because of their "Natural Animal Instinct" to kill for territory, dominance and DNA procreation then what world view philosophy is going to abate this tendency? This is the real issue.

Everyone has a World View whether they are really aware of it or not. Many in today's world have fragmented world views because of the fragmented diverse cultures that we live in. When cultures have been forced into a mono-culture a more accurate reality of the fruit of that culture can be ascertained. When Communism went extreme mono-culture during periods of the 20th century they enlightened all of their "Utopia". For atheistic societies to continue functioning they adopt institutions from other "god" societies; China is a good example of this. Historically, Atheism's axioms have never developed a civilization.

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There are no miracle free days for the atheist. The naturalist has his miracles — plenty of them — an absolute abundance.

The materialist has a particular problem with Jesus turning water into wine, but no problem whatsoever with a whole COSMOS — with all of its law's — appearing out of NOTHING and for no PURPOSE whatsoever.


The materialist's problem is NOT with miracles per se, but only with miracles that owe their existence to an ultimate rational mind — God.

It needs to be noted at the outset that the materialist has no problem with dumb impersonal mindless accidental non-rational processes producing all manner of impossibilities as long as no kind of RATIONALITY, REASON OR INTELLIGENCE is EVER invoked.

Any, and all manner of miracles are perfectly reasonable — perfectly acceptable.

ACCEPT — OF COURSE — any miracle that happens to be the direct by-product of a MIND.

— Paul

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