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Is this basically the same as the game? And can I please have template for profile along with groups.?

(Open but I need +Storm Stone​)
Alex is walking a few steps behind Captain Storm to the hospital Captain?

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Grenades oh my!

Name: Carrie

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Occupation: Field Nurse

Bio: Was never in a stable home,she ended up being a foster child until she was 18 and aged out of the program she decided she wanted to change her life and do something that matters

Personality: Rough,Caring,Very Flirty

Past Occupations: Stripper and Veterinarian 

Weapons(If needed): Her hands, crossbow,and a .21 milli(she hates using guns)

Name: Alex Bugress
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Previous occupation: Veterinarian
Bio: Ask
Personality: Quiet and shy
Group: Aces O' Spades
Weapons: Bow and arrows

Name: Akron
Gender: male
Occupation: is an officer in the air-force
Group: n/a
Bio: classified
Personality quiet and shy but strong and deadly
Weapons: Spas-12 and a m1911
Notes: can fly most planes
(I'll get a profile pic when I can)
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