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Riding mower or push? Electric engine or gas? The Lawn Enthusiast's most recent article on what to consider when picking a mower suited to you and your lawn's needs.

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Always good to be informed about what these common diseases and pests look like.
Worm casts, slime mold, red thread, leatherjackets, moles, fairy rings, snow mold, ant nests, rust, and chafer grubs (left to right, starting with top row). For those who haven't yet seen it all, here's a little insight into some of these more common lawn diseases and pests.

DO you have any New Year's resolutions for your lawn? Share your resolutions here. 

hi Roxanne,thanks for having me.I live in Wisconsin so theres not a whole lot of gardening going on right now,i never start my plants in my house,didnt know you could,how early could i start my tomatoes in the house,thanks pete

Are you growing your plants in a house or green house? 

How is your garden holding up in the winter where you are? 

Hello lawn care and gardening enthusiasts! Welcome to this Google+ Community! I wanted to create a place where people can come with any questions, suggestions, and helpful tools pertaining to #lawncare & #gardening .

Feel free to introduce yourself, what you do, what some of your hobbies are, and anything you would like to share. 

I have a 'keep it friendly' rule. If you aren't following my one rule you will be banned. 

Thanks and I look forward to 'virtually' meeting all of you :)
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