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no swearing
no bullying ( save that for the role play)
no inappropriate behavior
no inappropriate pictures
don't show anything that has nothing to do with this community
i put up a "donate to cancer sign" not for RP. i know Cancer is very important to take care of ( i didn't word that correctly) but if it is not for the RP, you need to take it down. 

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name: Melanie Hernandez, Mel for short
age: 15
grade: 10th
dorm number: 111
friends: OPEN
likes: scaring others, feeling loved, acting, vampires
dislikes: her nightmares, keeping her secrets, remembering her old life
hobbies: Scaring others, acting, making videos for her youtube channel Goth Girl, a secret hobby she doesn't tell anyone
Extra: Mel doesn't trust anyone after the popular girls at her old school bullied her badly and her boyfriend spread mean rumors about her.

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Celina: i am on the side walk next to a brick wall. i start. i take out my spray paint
and draw this. i am not one bit smudged with paint. i smile. i teachers are gonna be horrified. i grin.
( the old school means no school!)

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Name: Ariel Michelle Celcious
Age: 14
Grade: 10th
Roommate: OPEN
Boyfriend: OPEN (when she has she wants him to only like her and no one else but he can have liked someone else before her as long as he doesn't anymore)
Likes: being social, shopping, photography, acting
Dislikes: remembering her old mom, people who lie to her,
Hobbies: art, shopping, fashion design, photography, acting

Extra: Ariel ran away from her mom at age 12 because her mom was mean to her and didnt care about her.


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name: Celina Fay Soljor ( sole-jOr)
age: 16
DOB: August 18th, 2017
roommate: OPEN
crush: OPEN
GirlF/boyF: OPEN!!!
Personality: always stands up for herself, has always injoyed being popular because of her attitude, looks, and art abilities
likes: horses, freedom, graffiti, disobeying the teachers, getting better stuff than others, leftover pizza
lack of things Celina has: friends, happiness, family, ugly things, joy, peace


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Name: Liam Jason James
Age: 17
Grade: 12
Roomate: OPEN
Girlfriend: OPEN
Friends: OPEN
Likes: Girls, Reading, and video games
Dislikes: loud people, sports


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Name: Cameron "Cam" Allen Fisher
Age: 14
DOB: July 4th
Roommate: OPEN
Crush: OPEN
Boyfriend/Girfriend: OPEN
Personality: Cam is very popular, although he is nerdy. He is kind and always knows how to make someone laugh. He knows when to joke and when not to though.
Extra Info: He is the gutair player and lead singer in his band, Just A Note.


where do i get the pictures to make a profile?

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Name: Renee Rose Claudia
Age: 15
Grade: 11
Roomate: OPEN
Boyfriend: is OPEN but she is a bit picky
Friends: Everyone!
Personality: Kind, Picky, Peace Maker
Likes: anyone kind, dessert, breaking up fights
Dislikes: fights, rude people, seafood, meat



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