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I am looking for one or two persuasive paragraphs with a simple pleasing figure that explains the paradigm of real time collaborative editing (eg Google Docs, Google Sheets, Office 365) versus attaching Microsoft Word documents to an email that one sends to one or more collaborators.

I need it to be written for a computer-disinterested crowd. My context is both within the enterprise and among collaborators spread out across many universities.

I feel as if many people learned how to attach documents to email and how to open attachments contained in emails that they received and they will be darned if they are going to learn anything new. Ossification!

I saw an online document but this is too detailed and does not have the requisite slick graphic. What I am looking for must exist, I just cannot find it.


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Just created an add-on to do cross referencing in Docs. It's still early days, so there may be some bugs, but hopefully people find it useful.

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I have a Google Sheets file created that is keeping track of all of my movies, I'm wondering is there a way to 'stack' movies of the same series in one line.
For example if I want to put all James Bonds movies on 'one line' ... like a drop down menu?

Here is a link to the Google Sheets file. I have added comments within the file.


Anyone having loading issues with G docs and spreadsheets currently?

Please add the ability to change ownership of non-google docs files like PDFs, JPGs, etc!

There is an issue with old Google Apps free tier accounts that prevents chown of non Google docs. Paid accounts work fine.

The Error is
400 Bad Request : You can't yet change the owner of this item. (We're working on it.)

Como puedo abrir un documento para incluir un bunner?

This may be insanely obvious, but what is the best way to get information (exam specification details) from a table within a PDF file, into a google sheet, so that I can filter, link, search, etc.

copy and paste doesn't work; it puts the entire table row as plaintext in one cell. I feel there should be a way!


Please help with formula to convert the numbers into word
example :100 into "one hundred"

In My Google Drive:
Please, how can i search by a specific word inside an archive but limiting type of archives/files that I want include in a searching?

Ex: search by proc means inside archives that have .sas file extension
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