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Posts of selfies are not something ANY of us want to see. Moving forward selfie posts and posters will be removed from the community

Support fuzzy /syntax/synonym search in Chrome and Google Drives - Feature request or plugin ideas
- Searching "remove" can also find "delete" etc in current web page or google doc.
- This would be pretty useful, make us more productive during search

Solicitud a enviar al profesor

I've seen a lot of rookie users who uses google drive for their photo backup. Some of them are using multiple account to store more photo. I've showed them the "Photos" app for unlimited & smart photo backup.

I think google need to make some more promotion through app notification or someway else for that amazing "Photos" app.

Does anyone have a good way of hyperlinking a batch of photos to cells in a sheet? My use case is:

1. I have a list of items with descriptions.
2. Along with these descriptions, I would like to have a cell that contains a link to a photo of the item.
3. I have about 300 photos that I need to link to the sheet and I really don't want to do this one at a time.

Any ideas?

hello! I'd like to pass a vídeo from the drive directly to youtube. it has 4GB. Can someone help me? Chus

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Was looking at increasing my storage, however, when I click on the plan/storage I want, they grey out, is there a reason for this or is it a bug?

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36 new add-ons released in May.
Among them, we picked up 4 add-ons that have amazing formatting and styling options for your Google Docs & Slides presentations.

Afternoon everyone! I know this is the most noob question every. Moving everything over to Google services from iCloud. Do I need Google Drive and Google photos on the same device? Google Drive will automatically place my videos \ pictures in photos correct ? Just a little bit confused, seems like a duplication of services.

Although, Denny has made the transformation and flew away, his undaunted dedication to Washington Height's community and citizens was not in vain. I believe that Washington Heights citizens' feel that small changes make a difference. Denny's dedication for the civil cause became a reality ;when I walked inside of Denny's--7th Avenue office. A childhood neighbor was employed and labored for Denny's constituents. Mr. L.V. was counseling and documenting a complaint a constituent in need. Second, I can not count the immeasurable times Manhattan Ville Community board 12 discussed the importance of distributing a certain number of water fountains in the Upper-West Harlem public parks. The goal is to reduce health problems at specific p : The objective is member's vision, not only indicates self awareness; but prevention of dehydration.
A)Morningside Parks
B)Manhattanville Parks
C)Hamilton Height's parks.
The surplus caused the panel to stop brain storming. A voting activity was needed and the progression would be tallying of the count. The poll indicates the balance and fairness of how the group facilitator coordinates and manipulates problem resolution. Furthermore, it is only one CEO and it is the boss's decision which will the group.

t to prevent dehydratiionsay, "if Denny were here, this problem would be solved."
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