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Welcome To The Community We would Appreciate if You would Follow the rules and feed yourself on some info about the Community So the Community is fun for everyone! So here we go

1: No inappropriate Behavior

2: Please wait for who you're adopting from to respond saying you have it Than to assume you just got it

3:Moderators are Like Workers or Animal Rescuers  So You Don't have to but if you Want some story to the community Roleplay out you bring the animal into our adoption center

4: If you are promoted to owner you are an Employee and you call the shots if I am Not responding

5: If you are not promoted What so ever you can act like you just found a dog on the street.

6: You can roleplay as the pets or humans

7: your animal oc can vist with your human and visit with other animal ocs  

8:Please don't steal Others Ocs or Copy they're exact patterns and Basically no Art theft or Oc thefts

9: After No one has Tried for an Adopt for 1-2 Weeks As in Real Adoption centers they must be Put down JK but that means time for a Foster home which means just rp with it maybe you will end up adopting it

10: This isn't a Community for spam like if you Don't love Justin Beaver Repost this 3 Warnings then a Ban
Lots of Roleplay as you can tell so if you love roleplay get your butt over here

Update 2: I am Looking for Moderators so I will be looking for activeness I will also be looking out for 1-2 Owners Besides me 

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opens door with small kitten in some blankets and sets cat in an empty adoption room with a small pink blanket (Best likes,dislikes and Name wins) 

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Carries in Young Puppy which is whining because He has a giant cut injury on his leg I rush to the phone to call a vet  (First come first served)

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What do you need to do to get this adopt?
Name, gender, and bio

Basic facts that should be consistent?
Bad vision virtually blind in right eye

How did it get here?
This sweetie was found while a young girl was walking in the park with her mother and heard a noise in the brush. They were found in the brush with matted fur, extremely afraid, and clearly with bad vision so, the girl and her mother brought them to the adoption centre.

Update 1: I will be adding categories if there are any specific ones you want me to add please let me know
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