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Anyone want to rp? No hangouts pls.
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Hello thanks for the invite devo

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Age : 18
Gender: female
What do I like : bisexual
Species: bunny
Weapons: my nails,and swords
Likes: blue,my hair,books,sweaters,food
Dislikes :being alone
Weight : 102
Height :5'3
Bio: I had a pretty normal family till mom left dad for our uncle then my dad became weird and left us so now being the 2 oldest I take care of my younger siblings with my brother and our grandmother 

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Name: Hera
Age: 25
Sexuality: bisexual
Bio: unknown
Virginity: still a virgin
Likes: porn, bondage, rape, rough sex, tortured, sex toys especially if they are stretching my pussy, and testing my limits
Dislikes: none

*if you would like to rp with me message me on hangouts*

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Name: My name is Rebecca ok? Don't try to give me any cute nicknames huffs

Age: i'm 24 and dont think this means something!

Gender: sighs female...isn't obvious

Species: diregon which is part Dragon part direwolf

Weapons: well i love using my lil beauty here smirks as i pull out my rifle and gently rubs it but...i have no problem using my handgun or knife growls lowly

Likes: well i like nice and relaxing scenarios but i love to eat giggles and shakes my head weird but hey it's my body

Dislikes: people who wait three hours to order...

Weight: 167 pounds shrugs

Height: 5"8

Fighting Skill: well i know Taekwondo, Jujutsu, and Krav Maga. But also i made my own fighting style called the Seeking Fangs which is a mix of Jujutsu and Krav Maga and is either with a knife, claws, or my own teeth.

Bio: well i come from two strange parents which i never met

Pet(Animal): none

Backstory: let's see well...i was made in a laboratory as a member of a classified weapons project...their goal was to make soldiers that can wipe out entire armies before they knew what was going on...but some agents...they found out about all the chemicals and drugs they pumped us with...all they went insane and turned on anyone...the project was shut down and we were all we ran...but those who went insane still wanted us me and a few others ran and ran hoping to find somewhere safe...a few of us did...others weren't so lucky...only females survived since we were made to be stealthy. But now i'm relaxed and happy since it's been decades and nothing has come up.

(Art isn't mine neither is the character x3)


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Thanks for the invite!

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Species: vampire

Weapons: magical powers and a dagger

Likes:bad boys,rough sex,and bonage

Dislikes:mean people,being called bitch slut or whore,and anyone who awakes her emotions

Weight:98 lb

Height: 5'2

Fighting Skill: she has them all

Bio:i am a kick ass girl who loves sex and has a dark side that turns men on

Pet(Animal): wolf

Backstory:see in rp

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Thanks for the invite.
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Anyone wanna rp? It can be about anything

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Thanks for the invite! This is a drswing of my main character from my book I'm writing
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