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Apply MBA in Lithuania: send your documents to
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Study in Lithuania
Integrated studies:
• Medicine- 6 years
• Odontology (Dentistry)- 5 years
• Pharmacy- 5 years
• Veterinary Medicine- 6 years

Apply Now:
T: +91-9873934123

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Profile of the programme:
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering has: a grasp of the essential principles of mechanical engineering, ability to apply basic engineering principles and analytical techniques to problem formulation and solution, an understanding of the engineering design process, a familiarity with the key factors in the business environment such as marketing skills, financial awareness, investment appraisal and a range of transferable skills including communication, numeric use of information technology, project management and team working.

Key learning outcomes:
Knowledge and Understanding:
A1 Mathematical other physical sciences knowledge, Fundamental knowledge about nature and its phenomena, about quantification of the phenomena;
A2 Humanities and social sciences knowledge for engineering professions to achieve objectives and to develop expertise and a broader philosophical outlook;
A3 Ability to theoretically understand new technologies;Knowledge of engineering materials and components and their characteristics;
A4 Comprehension of new mechanical and mechatronics engineering research and development problems;

Engineering Analysis:
B1 Mathematical and computing skills, including such aspects as assessing the accuracy of the calculation, correct measurement unit and data applications;
B2 Use of information technology, basic software skills, ability to apply and use computer-based numerical methods, for specific engineering problems, use computers for problem solving and data processing, process control, for automated design, computer graphics, use other computer functions;
B3 Ability to apply knowledge to address the qualitative and quantitative nature of known and unknown challenges, often with only limited and (or) there is conflicting information; Ability to identify and analyze new problems and plan strategies for their solution;
B4 Logical thinking and algorithm skills,

Engineering Design:
C1 Knowledge of design and construction, and manufacturing methods and techniques, technical tools and management methods and quality assurance used for these steps.
C2 Ability to apply principles of mechanical systems motion, stability and reliability for designing, sophisticating and repairing of technical devices;
C3 Ability to apply mechatronical elements for designing the mechantronical systems.
C4 Ability to design systems, processes and their elements;

D1 Laboratory practice, to combine theory and practice elements, ability to perform engineering activities required for experimental work, ability to evaluate and interpret results;
D2 Practical research, experiment planning, design and execution of skills, from problem formulation, research equipment and selection of results and discoveries in the assessment and classification; the ability to choose appropriate methods and techniques and to make reliable measurements;
D3 Skills to monitor and measure the quantitative and qualitative physical or other properties, events or developments, to systematically record and document the results;
D4 Information search and information technology skills – such as the use of information networks and databases, computer graphics and documents preparation;

Engineering Practice:
E1 Ability to access legal and regulatory documents;saugaus darbo įgūdžiai; safety skills;
E2 the ability to combine theory and practice to solve mechnical engineering problems;
E3 Ability to operate the technological processes and exploit technical devises;

Transferable Skills:
F1 Communication skills, which consists of both written and verbal communication; ability to clearly and correctly give written and oral presentation of experimental results and conclusions to various listeners;
F2 Work in multiprofile group (teamwork) skills;
F3 Time management and organizational skills, extended through ability to plan and implement effective and productive ways of work.
F4 A holistic approach when making professional decisions, balancing the costs, benefits, safety, quality, reliability, appearance and environmental impact.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples:
Graduates of Mechanical engineering can be employed as mechanical engineers in various industrial enterprises (food, chemicals, furniture, textiles, ect.); as engineer-constructors in design enterprises; as project managers, executive directors, head of departments or companies in commercial corporations.

For more details,
• WhatsApp LITHUANIA to 9899004123
• email your CV to
• Feel free to ask any query on +91-9873934123
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Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, Klaipeda University, Lithuania:

Duration: 3.5 years
Tuition fee: 2700 Euro per year
Start date: September 01, 2017
NO IELTS required

Programme objectives and competencies acquired:
The main aim is to prepare higher qualification Electrical Engineering specialists that meet the requirements of the modern knowledge-based and information-based economy and to ensure the following main qualities of the curriculum: to ensure enough knowledge and abilities that are needed for engineering action of global market using of most updated technology; to have a concern in a knowledge of technological science applying it in a new or unfamiliar environment in wider (or multi-subject) contexts.
• Knowledge
• Main cognitive abilities
• Main practical abilities
• Transferred skills
• Professional status
• Access to further studies

Career opportunities:
Graduates of specialization can have a great career as engineers, leaders in many interesting jobs. The multidisciplinary training and education that is receives prepares for a leadership role in the design and creation of innovative mechatronics products for a variety of applications. After graduation, it is possible to design and build automated equipment for the movie industry, medical devices, production equipment, or submarines. To design and maintain robots for different purposes.

For more details,
• WhatsApp LITHUANIA to 9899004123
• email your CV to
• Feel free to ask any query on +91-9873934123
• Write your query on facebook page:
• Write your query on comments below

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Universities in Lithuania:

The QS World University Ranking has put as many as three Lithuanian universities among the first 700 of the world’s best: Vilnius University (VU), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) and Vytautas Magnus University (VMU).

Other Top ranking Universities are:
>European Humanities University
>International Business School of Vilnius University
>ISM University of Management and Economics
>Kaunas University of Medicine
>Kaunas University of Technology
>Kaunas Priest Seminary
>Klaipėda University
>Mykolas Romeris University
>LCC International University
>Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
>Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education
>Lithuanian University of Agriculture
>Lithuanian Veterinary Academy
>General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania
>Šiauliai University
>Telšiai Bishop Vincentas Borisevičius Priest Seminary
>Vilnius Academy of Business Law
>Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts
>Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
>Vilnius Pedagogical University
>Vilnius St. Joseph Priest Seminary
>Vilnius University
>Vytautas Magnus University

Bachelor Programs - Tuition Fee - 1800 Euros per year
Master/MBA Programs - Tuition Fee - 2400 Euros per year

Know more about studying in Lithuania:
Free Counselling:
Contact Achievers Point:
Call: +91-9873934123
WhatsApp: 9899004123

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