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Name: Cristia
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Pokemon Team: Zoroack(M), Umbreon(M), Sammtryn(F(OC))
Sammtryn Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Night Daze, Hyper Beam, Power up punch, double team, iron tail and sonic scream
Umbreon Dark Pulse, Swift, Quick Attack, protect, Bite, Night Daze, and Dream Eater
Zoroack Dark Pulse, Giga Impact, Rain Dance, Night Daze, Hone Claws, Rock Smash, and Flamethrower
Appearance: Hair Color Black then Blue (not dyed nor birth effect) eye color Red height/weight 5'2 and 115lbs pink tye-dye shirt with blue-jeans shorts
Bio: lived in Kalos until she was 8, that's when Cristia first got possessed by a Pokemon, when it left, it left a part of it in her body changing half of her hair color to blue, she doesn't remember much of the moment but enough to know not to get angry easily so that doesn't possession doesn't take over her so quickly, after the Unova league, she went back to Kalos


Name: Sammtryn
Gender: Female
Species: Moonfire
Moveset: above in trainer section
Items: none
Appearance: see the picture/drawing
Bio: was Cristia's first Pokemon to find in the kalos region and likes most lucario for an unknown reason

(( Are we allowed to have Fakemon ))
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Name- Blake
Bio:Ruby Was abused and abandoned by his trainer. After being abandoned by his trainer Ruby was gonna commit suicide, but after seing a Riolu limp towards him, he started to cry and he stopped trying to commit suicide. (Is this to much bio?)
Moves-Attract, Steel claw, Bone rush, healing pulse, Aura sphere 

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Name: Raina
nickname: Yawnan
age: 12
gender: F
type: grass/flying
trainer: None
moveset: steel wing, energy ball, brave bird, and razor leaf
lvl: 19
personality: lazy, kind, acts cool, tomboy, and honest
likes: Sleeping, eating, flying, and battling
dislikes: losing her night cap
sexuality: Straight
occupation: None
relationship status: Single
Bio: "I don`t remember anything that happened in my past..."

I'll use my character for a sign up example.

Name: West
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Nickname: Cannon
Species: Blastoise
Gender: Male
Moves: Hydro pump,  Skull bash, Surf, Aqua ring

Nickname: Mavis
Speicies: Milotic
Gender: Female
Moves: Hydro pump, Aqua ring, Blizzard, Dragon pulse

Nickname: Monty
Species: Serperior
Gender: Male
Moves: Slam, Leaf Tornado, Leaf blade, Giga drain

Nickname: Luminous 
Species: Chandelure
Gender: Male
Moves: Ominous wind, Fire blast, Shadow sneak, Shadow ball

Trainer Bio/ appearance: About 5'11", lean, but powerful. Leader of Team Pure, a team dedicated to stopping crime that is however in competition with the police and defies some laws to reach its goals, making them wanted by the authorities. West is very mysterious, and holds authority above all he meets. However, he is very kind and caring, just a bit serious.
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