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HOW do I keep well and resilient with BIPOLAR? Learn NEW  Coping skills to keep you resilient. Check out ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery with #30 coping skills. 5 STAR Reviews from mental health CEOs and psychologists. #BipolarDisorder #wellness #recovery #CopingSkills #resilience
Proceeds go to Black Dog Institute for research into suicide prevention


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How committed are you to your recovery ? It is time to overcome and conquer mental illness!

I am not a perfect soul, far from it ! But if I can inspire you and give you a reason of hope then I'll make that my mission 💜

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I talk about why I have been kept for longer than normal in the Admissions Unit and the scary feeling of not knowing where I am going or if I am going to get support upon release due to redtape issues and different professionals not agreeing on my care 😵

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I started a movement called "Classified Lipstick".
This movement is for women who are doing what it takes, and fighting the everyday stigma to continue to strive in their personal goals!
Women who are fearless and maintain the image of happiness on the outside; women who have it all well-kept together..... yet continue to live a classified life so that the world won't judge them.
I want to meet powerful and fierce women all over the world who are not afraid of the stigma!
My goal is make an impact on how the world views us, because there is no shame in our illness!

Website :

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I'm writing a self help book to guide people through depression and suicidal thoughts. I really care and want to remind you that nothing stays the same x SUBSCRIBE FOR REGULAR UPDATES SO YOU DONT MISS

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Mental Health Blog

A blog not only chronicling my battle with mental illness, but it all touches base on things like sexual assault, personality disorders, types of therapy and meds etc.
This is a great read for anyone who would just like a little more information on a subject related to mental health. Or maybe your suffering with it and need to know new coping methods etc. Or you may have a loved one who is suffering and you just want to know how you can help, then this is the blog for you.
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This video is packed with advice about certain behaviors that people look out for when choosing to be your friend or partner. These tips have helped me gain friends and maintain them for much longer than I used to be able to. I hope this helps you too!

#dating #howtomakefriends #socialskills #psychology #youtube

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The International Bipolar Foundation @IntlBipolar #SayItForward campaign runs October 2, 2016 to October 8, 2016
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