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Hello, everyone!

We are happy to announce that #Focus V2.2 has just been released to Google Play! You can read all about it on our website ( Check it out!

You can acquire Focus for free on Google Play at and the paid version at 

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Hello everyone. Just a quick note to let you know that Rise Software officially has an Instagram account! Check it out and please make sure to give us a follow!

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With the Dual Degrees Diamond upgrade you can reposition the text wherever you want before sharing! Get Dual Degrees today on Google Play store ( and the Diamond upgrade inside the application. #DualDegrees

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Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that we released Dual Degrees 2.0! You can read all about it on our website ( Check it out!

You can find Dual Degrees today on Google Play store!

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We just published the latest article about Dual Degrees (formerly Bi-Polar) on our website! In this article, we explain all the new features that have been added including the brand new premium edition. Check it out!

Dual Degrees is a weather sharing widget that allows you to see and share the current weather in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

Got a problem.
I cannot get it to unlock. I think that when I did a factory reset last, I don't remember resetting the password for it, and I used it today. The password I used last time does not work.
Can I fix this, or do I have to uninstall it? 

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Hello everyone,
Just a quick note to say that I have added a bug reporting page.  If you see anything wrong with Focus or if you have any feature requests please do let me know!


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Just thought I'd pass this along here. :)

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I just tested Focus on the new L build. All is working well from what I can tell. 

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Hi everyone,
I finally finished the two videos that I wanted to make for Focus. I hope that you like them : 

Video on setting preferences : Focus Preferences
Video on how to use Focus : Focus - How to use.
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