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Having my exam today for a bigger driver licence so I may drive in these electric driven vehicles... if I pass.

I know now how nervous you were feeling back then +Richard Chen

well,long time without saying "hi" to all of u.but im worried about someone because we always chat day and night but till now we havent contacted with each other more than 30 days.its really still waiting for her reply...and to everyone,take GOOD care of urselves.its easy to say but hard to do.i dont want u to post too many things but just wanna know u r happy everyday,i mean this "good friends".

Good Morning to this little Community ..... hope everybody have a nice and relaxed Sunday.

From tomorrow i have  one Week OFF .... thank god :-)))))

Tomorrow will be a hard day .. it's "Fasent" here in our region.
Once a Year there's a big parade  .... lot of noise the whole day and night till 3 a.m. 
Loud Music, lot of Drunken People and Kids scream around :-((

and all that in front of our house

thank God it's just once a Year

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because of the rainy day,im free today~the first day of my new semester!but dont misunderstand,im working hard with my english study

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sorry to post too late and one of the two reasons is we drunk too much beer that night and i had to go to the hospital because of my badly headache.and the other one is...i trust i will need to find a professional photographer next time,this one only took 3 pics and two of these r unclear.the only one can recognize people is here.a great party with bad ending...thats all...

tomorrow i will hold a party for my high schools classmates and will send some good pics here.emm...what about u,guys?does everything go on well?oh,come on,the communtiy isnt only my little hut,dont be so shy~

welcome,my friends,thx for joining my community.the purpose of mine to set up this community was just wanna know how many real friends i will have~!hope u will be active and helpful.u see,im a "trouble" person,i always have too much problem.i hope we will help each other forever,and one day if i have enough money i will meet all of u in this community!
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