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This informative post by +Xav' Darblanc gives some great advice how to spot if a photograph has been the subject of theft or copyright infringement.Over to Xav:

1st /
I use firefox with an addon named "Who Stole My Pictures?" I didn't check for it under Chrome as I'm using the Chromium version but it should exist.
By the way, I installed another one this early morning: "Search Image everywhere" but didn't have the time to test it yet. It seems that both work the same way.

You must have the photo opened. The post of the photo isn't enough There are some tricks I use
1) I search on the 4 different websites (Google, Bing, Tineye and the addon gives (see capture attached: once the addon is installed, right click on the photo to access it)
If you find something:
2) Check the upload dates.
3) Check the quality (if you find an equal or higher quality)
4) Check the website on which I find (if it's a wallpaper site: no question, there's a copyright but the owner is too hard to find. If it's websites like pinterest or tumblr: it's hard as, as on G+, the resharing is easily possible. If it's websites like FlickR or 500px, unless the user is himself a cheater, it's pretty easy).
5) The rule is: if you spend more than 5 minutes to find a pic, it's better to consider it "Not found" (meaning it COULD have been stolen but there is no evidence).

I did check all her pics to make Taye Meyer's case a reference but I think that checking the last 10 pics would be enough to have a good idea.

Don't loose your time with people having a FlickR, 500px or personnal website (i.e. "name" or www."name".com for exemples). Those are up from 90% to 100 % probability real photographers (all those I checked where true).

I hope this will help you...

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Google currently has a couple of official pathways to report copyright infringement: Please note that under the current polices only the original copyright holder can initiate a take down notice however I have been encouraged to report any copyright infringements that I come across.
The first route is Via the report / block option which is a drop down menu that is found just under the number of followers and number of views on a persons stream. The drop down menu leads to options to block and / or report the user for various violations of Google terms and conditions.
The second route is via the following page:
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