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I am 31,....? if i say my name then I think you will know me ,I will talk to you later.
I know you mostly ,i want to build up a sweet relationship with you.
I like you very much. but i want to hide this relation to another because I love u and i can't lost you,
most of time i am feel alone ,I believe that you also want to build up relationship with me.
I am thinking about it from before . but i can't told you.
I have collected your email very painly via a person .
I don't know your email is active or not but when you will receive my email then you will really contact me i know that.
now you will ask me for phone number but i want that you keep believe on me,
I don't know ,you will believe or not, if you want me and you should hide it from can find
my all picture, information, and phone number etc in here ....

Here is my user id sweetylove12,
I want to chat with you.
if you don't like me then please don't give my information to another.
please accept me, I like you very much,i really want you. bye
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