hey guys new to this forum but wanted to ask a question. since paranoid android was on the oppo find 7 , and i believe there was even a rom of paranoid sabormod, my question is will there be any updates to that device since the last paranoid android is dated back feb 2 2015

quien ha utilizado la rom aosparadox en un falcon por favor que tal les parece

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RIP in peace AOSPAL, you'll be missed a little

Optimized PA 5.0 by AOSPAL team is my dream right now... Hope this dream will come true some day.

this was my ideal choice of rom. sadly it has been discontinued. 

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Mike Criggs

Can Moto X Get Official Support of AOSPAl ? We are Lacking in PA Development :/ And We Have More Fans Of PA Then Any Other Roma ..So Can Anything Can Happen ? :)

hey guys,

recomendation on toolchains?

right now im building a custom aicp build on the lg g2 d802 using
sabermod 4.8.3 for rom
sabermod 4.10 for kernel

how can i add Z2 (sirius) to the B.E. so i can compile Saberdroid for it?
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