Um hello im new here id like to be diapered and callored

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If you are a girl you will be breastfeeding but if you are a boy you will be given breast milk from a baby bottle and I am Lola

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I have a master and her name is +Pinkie Pie257​ is wearing a pink collar and poofy diaper

Meet my pet +Tails Dash

I wish i could have a master or misstress to put a collar onto me

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Age:17(acts like I am 3 though,except when mistress wants me to be an adult)



Kinks/Likes:diapers,breastfeeding,collars,petting,sexuall teasing

Dislikes:abuse,getting yelled at,getting hurt

I am a baby teen neko and I was lost in the forest,looking for someone to take me in

Any mistress can claim me,message me on hangouts or pp me

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Shyly enters the community My friend recommended diapers and this place,I have never used diapers since I was 2,and bedtime pull ups haven't used since I was 12,I'm a sub,so h h hi everyone nervously shivering here,knowing that soon someone might put a collar and diaper on me btw I h h h have h hangouts





Is a sub

Has not worn baby diapers since 2 and last time wearing bedwetter pull ups was at the age of 12

My friend recommended this,Idk how being a diaper slave will be but anyone can claim me,I have hangouts as well wearing regular clothes and panties and a strict master would be great
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