Emily, I know it's late but I have a definition for you. Could you please add it onto your slide when you get the chance or during tomorrow's group meeting? I have the source and it will already be added to my list of citation.

Coerced sterilization - occurs when financial or other incentives, misinformation, or intimidation tactics are used to compel an individual to undergo the procedure.

Study room 5 is reserved from 12 to 2

Hey Emily, are you available to meet with the group today? 

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This is just a suggestion but I broke down our focus sterilization into categories that maybe each one of us could work on individually to better ensure the construction of our project:

-defining women's health and sterilization
-the history of sterilization
-the societal relevance to sterilization and why it's important to raise awareness
-what we can do to better ensure sterilization prevention

Any updates on when the group is meeting today? 

I found an article on EBSCO titled Challenging the Monologue about Silent Sterilization: Implications for Self-Advocacy. You can access EBSCO through http://lib.utsa.edu/ .

Here is the permalink- https://login.libweb.lib.utsa.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=tr ue&db=ahl&AN=50447174&scope=site
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