I was Sitting down waiting for something to happen in the café cause I was board I finally pull out my ring and look at it

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+Melody_ Wolf my picture X3

The SAO Guild is open, all r welcome to join. And to those that would like to join, I say thanks and I hope u enjoy the Guild

Name of the Guild: SAO
Leader of the Guild: Kirito
Masters of Guild: +Silicia Dragontamer
Members if Guild:(none yet)

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Name:Zeno Bell
Grade:Class A highest grade in my world
Skills: hand to hand combat,assassination, transportation technique anywhere around the world
Weapon: lightning spells and cloak

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Name: Kirito
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Grade: 11
Skills: Dual Wielding Swords, and many other skills that I will add later
Weapons: Swords

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Name pepper
Age 15
Grade 11
Gender female
Skill fast,can turn invisible
Weapon a sword that make thunder and lighting
Which or magical magical

name: ava
age: 17
weapons: loving sence,melee gun
powers: charm anyone,disspear,teleport,change into a cat nyaaa
gender: female
personailty: tomboy,daring,brave,courages

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Name Macy
Age 14
Grade 9
Weapon a gem that can make her turn invisible
Skills: kinda slow,sneaky

is in the woods ((+Melody_ Wolf
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