Please pray for my daughter Britani,  she is struggling with addiction and other problems and we had a serious confrontation tonight.  Also for my grandson who is in the middle of this.  Thank you and
God bless.

Please pray for my church we are in need of a pastor.

To the Prayer warriors, Asking that you pray for me. There's a opportunity for me to become the pastor of a Church  in need of one. Pray that this is God's Will and not mine. That I will reserve His clarity in this move . Pastor  Daniel Parker.
True Vine House of Deliverance. 

A prayer for Israel and Palestine. Father in heaven, We thank you for your gift of life through your Son Jesus Christ. Now more than ever man is Daily constantly fallen deeper into self-destruction. killing the innocent, and feeding the Demons of hate and war. We pray that this foolish, and senseless killing stop. We pray that Children and Families protected, and Your justice (not man's) will be done. Mostly, we pray for the souls that have come to know Jesus Christ, that they receive him. your will be done. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray amen.    

Glade you joined me. God bless you. where two or more are gathered... God is with us.  

This community was created as a place to reach out and pray for any one in need of prayer. I feel that prayer is always in order. I know that there are some that don't believe. For the ones that do, feel free to reach out and make your request known. If you join this community, please pray for them that post. I do the same. thank you. p.s. Pray for me and this effort.
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