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Name : Aztec
Age: 1 year
Love: none
Friends : none
Enimies : none

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Name: Snow

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Rider: N/A (Open)

Family: None

Friends: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Powers: Ice breath, turn into a human, change my eye color, speak to humans in dragon form,and walk on water

Abilities: Flight, can freeze what I touch, and make my wings appear when I am in human form

Bio: Snow has always been able to turn into a human ever since she was little. She turns into a human when ever she want to talk to one or act like one of them. Very few people know that she is a dragon but the people that do know she is a dragon, they would always talk to her when she is in her dragon form. She lives out by the ocean or in a snowy mountain.
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Name: Sapphire
  Age:  200
 Breed: Night Fury
Sexuality: Gay
mate: N/A
hatchlings: N/A
  Rider: None yet
Friends: None yet
 Enemies/Rivals: None Yet
 Family: Doesn't like to talk about them.
 Powers: psychic // Water Bending // High speed flying // Can breathe under water.
 Abilities: Can breathe under water, Can water bend, High speed flying, and can pick items or organisms with his Psychic abilities.
 Bio: Sapphire was born in a forest with his family of 6, his mother, father, and 4 siblings. The forest that Sapphire was born in was near a village known as Berk. One day one of the villagers heard Sapphire screaming. (he was practicing his battle cry.. Don’t ask) The Villager got curious and decided to go and investigate. When he came across the family they flew off.. all except Sapphire who was curious of the human.. the villager took out a knife and tried to kill Sapphire. Sapphire took off and ran away.. he has been traveling the globe trying to find a home that he belongs in.

(snowy) being quiet and checking anything that needs to be checked i found a sighting on a dragon and it....

Alyss was perched upon the top of a small mountain. It was apart midnight and almost every other creature was asleep. She stretched her neck out when she notices the gleam of moonlight on scales. She silently flew down to see Hello?

Name: Alyssa
Age: Unlnown
Type: Mix-breed
Bio: :)
Personality: Seems cold and aloof, but that is because she is afraid of hurting anyone.
Looks: Thin and whip like tail, built for speed above all else. Black scales with an almost flame like purple aura. It shimmers on her scales. Her eyes are also a deep amethyst purple.

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Name: Starlight
Species: Chinese Dragon
Gender: Female
Powers: can use any Kind of Magic, can read minds, can breath white Fire, can get invisible, controls the air
Likes: Flying, her siblings, being quiet
Dislikes: Unknown
Personality: Wise, smart, quiet
Family: Green leaves and Stormy Clouds
Enemies: none

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Name: Green leaves
Species: Chinese Dragon
Gender: female
Likes: the nature, her siblings
Dislikes: Ppl who burn the forest
Powers: can controll plants, breath Green fire,
Personality: friendly,
Family: Stormy Clouds and Starlight
Enemies: dragon hunters
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