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Name: Danny

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Likes: Smoking/everything.

Dislikes: Nothing

Bio: Danny goes to Rydell highschool. Where he met a girl named Sandy. Before summer was over, him and Sandy walked on the beach but it appeared that Sandy was moving back to Australia. There was a prep rally one night and that's when Sandy saw Danny.

((Not going further because of spoilers and my thumbs will hurt 😂))
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you were one of the jocks of rydell high. Part of a gang called the T Birds, T birds were one of the most popular boys on campus even though they never did any sport but football and track they were pretty popular. I was a new girl hangingout with the popular girls on campus called the Pink Ladies. In each group of these there are about 5-6 people. Keeping the group small for proposes. Today was my first day at school. I was a transfered student from Australia, so i had a type of werid accent compared to the rest of the students. My name was Avery. I had blue eyes and blond hair, wearing a dress that went just past my knees and white shoes. I was in your first period class. sitting across from you and on the other side were the pink ladies

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name: Sandy 
age: 17 
likes: Rydell high, studying, walks on the beach and cheerleading. 
dislikes: nothing 
bio: She was born in Sydney, Australia. Only being raised by her mother. She met a boy named Danny on the beach near Rydell highscool. She wasnt allowed to move back to Austrilia so she ended up going to Rydell highschool where the boy she met at the beach was there. 

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