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Welcome warriors! READ THE RULES PLEASE

Thunderclan- No one
Deputy- No one
Riverclan- Silentstar (+Storm Blast​​)
Deputy- Thorngaze (+Storm Blast​​)
Windclan- Graystar (+Trinity Shroyer)
Deputy- No one
Shadowclan- No one
Deputy- No one 

here are a few rules!


No cannon cats(Form the actual books)

No Art Stealing, OC Stealing, Or Lineart Theft
If the art is not yours please credit the artist!

Be Kind!
Treat the others as you want to be treated! This shall be a kind communities. All fights must be taken elsewhere 

No Killing Other OCs In Roleplay (Borrowed this rule and next one!)
You can only battle other OCs, in role-play, and walk away with minor scratches, scratches and maybe a little of extreme scratches. These blows can't be able to alter the cat's looks, (unless the creator wants that). No fatal blows are allowed, unless you got the other player's permission to fight until death. 

No Prefixes Of "Moon, Paw or  Star"
No "Moon, Paw, Or Star". The amount of "moon" prefixes is amazing. Everyone wants "Moon" In their warrior name. The same with star. "Starstar" isn't a valid leader name. "Pawpaw" isn't a valid apprentice name. It's all stupid, and a warrior is going to have to address your cat, one way or another. It's embarrassing to the warrior with that name.

No Advertising
Please no advertising, we understand that you have a community but we don't want it over ran with advertisements!

No spam!!
no posting anything unrelated to warrior cats! This is always a common issue. I will get only TWO warning then i will ban you, i am sorry!

Has to be accepted
Please do not roleplay before me or the mods accept your profile!

Unnatural OC's
You are allowed to have only two unnatural OC's

Have fun! 

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I made a warrior cats group for talking and roleplay on Kik. Would anyone be interested to join? Just tell me your Kik below and I would gladly add you!
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Name: Graynettle
Gender: Female
Age: 29 moons
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Warrior (Maybe leader?)
~personality ~
Traits: Fun, loves apprentices, soft, rejects kittypets
Likes: Sun, Newleaf,
Dislikes: rouges, loners
Mom: Jaywing (NPC)
Father: Unknown
Siblings: open
Mate: open
Kits: mate first
Past mentor: Open
Speed: 8
Fighting: 9
Herbs: 3
Swimming: 2
Hunting: 9


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Just a story i am making Random cats

*The Great Shake*
It was a early afternoon and Candy was out for a while by herself, She had sensed something about the weather but just couldn't figure out what. Something is wrong! She thought to herself i just know it! Candy soon went back to camp her back paw was aching with pain again, as she limped into the entrance Thornshard raced up to meet her "Candy! Is your leg bothering you AGAIN??" He asked his voiced filled with sympathy but mostly worry "Its no big deal Thornshard" She meowed reassuringly to the gray and white tom. "Stop being mouse brained! He hissed softly to her worryingly "It wont heal unless you rest Candy!" He meowed sternly as Candy rolled her eyes. "Yes, ThornSTAR" She meowed teasingly before limping to the Warriors den, She had just laid down before she had heard rustling from the brambles to the entrance of the warriors den, she looked up to see Sheepfeather emerging towards her, Sheepfeather looked at her with warmth and sympathy shinning unmistakabley in her eyes. She had been Candys best friend since she had joined Shadowclan. "I overheard what Thornshard had said, but he is right Candy" Sheepfeather shook her head silencing Candy as she tried to interrupt "No, listen, i know you want to be the greatest warrior you can be, but how are suppose to be any help when you cant even walk? You are a proud cat Candy and sometimes you are too proud. Now you rest and i will collect your prey and hunt some more for you and the cats. You just rest and heal up" Sheepfeather meowed to Candy sternly, but as Candy watched she could see a hint of warmth in her eyes, Sheepfeather turned away and padded away shaking her head. As she walked away she heard a loud mrrow of amusement and she turned around to see Cloudfluff laughing and Candy rolled her eyes. "Laugh all you want CloudKIT". He stopped laughing and looked at her teasingly "I will keep you busy Candy, i will stay with you if you would like" He meowed his eyes having the usual humor in them and his voice was filled with love and humor.

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Name: Candy

Gender: Female

Clan: Shadowclan

Rank: Paw'

Age: 7  moons old

Mate: None

Kits: None

Personality: Kindhearted, can be a pain in the tail. Enthusiastic about a lot. Loyal
Bio: Candy used to be a kittypet but she ran away when she heard of the Clans. Due to her curiosity she ventured out to find them hoping they will take her in.

1st pic: +Euphoria of memories 
2nd: Mine
3rd: Mine
4th: +Scarlett Ery 
5th: +Mumble And Hazel 
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Name Thorngaze
Gender Female
Age 29 moons
Clan RiverClan
Rank Queen/Former Deputy
Mate Silentstar
Kits Raccoonkit, Volekit, Leafdapple, Dovefur from older litter
Personality Sharp eyed, Quiet, Feirce, Cold, Caculating
Appearance golden brown tabby fur with dark brown paws and golden amber eyes
Bio Born to her mother Kestrel-leaf and father Brackenstalk. She grew up with her brother Mosspaw before he died of Greencough. i dont know what else to say

Name Silentstar
Gender Male
Age 32 moons
Clan RiverClan
Rank Leader
Mate Thorngaze
Kits Raccoonkit, Volekit, Leafdapple, Dovefur
Personality Fair, Quiet, Friendly
Appearance Dark grey fur with black paws and belly. Turquoise eyes
Bio i dunno what to say

Name Raccoonkit
Gender Male
Age 2 moons
Clan RiverClan
Rank Kit
Mate None
Kits None
Personality Curious, Adventurous, Stubborn
Appearance Black with grey rings around tail and a grey 'mask' blue eyes
Bio Im a kit

Name Volekit
Gender Male
Age 2 moons
Clan RiverClan
Rank Kit
Mate None
Kits None
Personality Timid, quiet
Appearance dark brown fur with golden paws* and
Bio Im a kit

Name Leafdapple
Gender Female
Age 14 moons
Clan RiverClan
Rank Med cat
Mate None
Kits None
Personality Kind, Caring, Patient
Appearance tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes
Bio grew up with Dovefur

Name Dovefur
Gender Female
Age 14 moons
Clan RiverClan
Rank Warrior
Mate None
Kits None
Personality Impatient, Bossy, Demanding
Appearance dark grey shecat with light grew paws and green eyes
Bio grew up with Leafdapple
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