Got a chance to look at the new Africa Twin yesterday too. If I were in the market for a BIG bike I'd be tempted. Not a whole lot frills like the Tenere or GS.

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Since I rode my "dual sport" to the gas station today, I'm compelled to post this.
It seems husqvarna just can't make up their minds when it comes to that segment.

Whoo Hooo, vacation time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been thinking about a day trip in the Jemez.

finally got to ride with my wife in her rzr800 today at red sands .got to drive a little and then put her in the drivers seat.she loves it and wants to go to the mountains with it.looks like we did well gettin this.

looks like Im goin downhill,just bought a rzr800.Trail legal of course

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A trip in the past - Mills Canyon.

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Warming up in the north. Good day to discover new places.
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I miss this one...

national hare and hound desert race at red sands ,20 miles south of Alamogordo
sunday 12th. I could use some checkpoint help,just marking of fender cards or writing down numbers on backup sheets.Call for more info ,jimmy,575 430 3350.

67° in Deming?

Like Paris in the spring. :)
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