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Come Chat With Us On Discord!

my name is ComputerGenius66 on the server. I heard something about a free rank? erm when u get that free rank can we get /tpa? pls

My name in da server is GDmaster56

Hello I'm new

My name is very bad

hia everyone!

I want to join the build team, how do i do that?

just joined!!

yo what's up, my name is Redstone_Artist

We've grown to 50 player slots, and more to come! Invite all your fellow Minecraft friends to check it out!

If anyone ever has any plugin suggestions, or things we should add to the server, feel free to post about them here in this section! We want to provide the best experience possible and that includes making it better with everyone's ideas!

Hey Jaron, Anyone has access to /eco give. Just wanted to let you know.

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