*on the roof a school sitting and looking at the zombies outside the fence. I've got my snipper riffle to kill any zombie trespaser*
(( +Kenta Uchiha and +Virgina Davis))
name: Ruby
personality: tough, shy, skilled, and has powers
hair: red
eyes: crystal blue
age: 18
backstory: all her friends, group, school, parents were either infected or killed by others. Does't trust on her safety and is always protected.

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Survivor lost and want to find a way out of this

(open +Delilah Baltierra +Vanessa Nunez )  *I walk through the school and  to the door* you ready? I hear some thing and i turn around quickly

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name: Layna
personality:Sweet but aggressive when needed.\
Hair: Long and a dark brown
eyes: Hazel
age: 14
back story: I was at a school dance. It was fun, we were dancing to songs when the zombies came. My date grabbed my hand and we ran to a CVS pharmacy. 

I Walk out of the CVS and start walking, not seeing any zombies. I had a metal bat in my hand if I found any, when I came across a school. I walked inside Hello? 
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