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Any girls wanna rp? I can't take this boredom much longer..

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I was part of a dangerous gang of sharks I was the biggest and strongest member we streaked terror into anyone that dared cross our path one day I was heading too my room when heard crying I ran to the living room when I saw you and the boss had the chain to your collar in his hand and he looked at me and said Rex you've been a great addition to this team you deserve a reward he handed me the chain to your collar and you...
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((I genuinely like this story - personally, I think it's somewhat original, and I can relate to how hard it is to be an Art student. And yes, I did make it))

*We both lived together, and while some could tell that we had feelings for each other, we never said it outrightedly. The reason why we were living together was because we were students. Art students, to be precise. While I did more work with watercolours on physical paper, you did more digital work. I was decent with digital art, since there's little difference with the brush strokes if you use the right tools, but you excelled at it because you knew far more about the different functions of the plethora of programs you used. But there was some of your work...which you would want nobody to see. You were an artist who, in their spare time, also drew Hentai art, comics, and more. Of course, nobody knew your real name online, and nobody in real life knew you did this sort of work. Like I said, it was something you would do in your free time*

*Today, you were working on a piece which needed you to draw a close up of a vagina, so why not use a primary source? Of course, you had the door locked, so I wouldn't be able to get in. With your phone on the Camera app and between your legs, you began to draw on your tablet. The thing is, you actually forgot to lock the door. Usually, you would never do this. But this one time, you forgot*

"Hey, Emily? I was wondering if y-"

*At that moment, I smoothly opened the door in one motion to reveal yourself staring back up at me*

((Female needed who can be descriptive and not use text talk))

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I know. Please forgive me. I know this is fake, but...
sorry guys but I have to reshare for safety reasons!

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|| I need someone to be the submissive trap on the right please. Must be also literate and descriptive. If interested, contact me on Hangouts. ||

___ has been alone since his girlfriend recently cheated on him. Now, he feels like he's dying inside each day as the minute goes. Lately, he's been hearing rumors of a new establishment that can help relieve sadness, not to mention pent-up lust. So ___ decided to go check it out. Once he stepped inside, he saw a woman with pink hair and dressed in sergeant clothing; as well as a whip in her hand. "What do we have here~? A pretty little lady~" She smirked and licked her lips.
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Lol. Again.

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"Males needed."

You were my rival. Everything we did together quickly turned into a competition or a useless argument. One night you were stuck over at my dorm, working on the art project we had been assigned earlier. You had asked me to model for you since I had finished it. All you cold focus on was the outfit I had on. You wanted to get rid of your little "problem". You then,,,,,

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Thats so me!

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[Pure/Semi-Smut | Long-Term Female Partners Needed | Read Everything.]

This contains three parts read each one carefully

Part I

Everyone is welcome. Multi-para, One-liners. Yup, I am pretty much open. Post is really badass and long ass.~

"It's fine." She whispered back. "Now, fuck me! Long and hard until I can't walk straight tomorrow, use that huge dick of yours to fuck my slutty pussy raw and make me remember why I'm your woman!" She pleaded/demanded sending him a glare to go along with her acting. He rolled his eyes as he leaned forward once again. "Fine!" He growled sending shivers down her spine. "I'll fuck you so hard that you wouldn't want any other man except for me!" She licked her lips at how commanding he looked and the look of pure lust in his eyes. He straightens his back as he gripped her firm butt tightly, slowly pulling his length out of her soaked sex with her folds clinging tightly to the ridge of his glans. She screamed in pleasure as he suddenly thrusts his hips forward knocking on the entrance of her womb. Her screams and the sounds of slapping flesh filled the room as he pounds into her in a rough and fast pace, making her large breast to sway erratically, her fingers clenched into tight fist with her toes curled in ecstasy as she experienced another orgasm.

~> Multiple Plots.

Extreme/Weird Fetishes: - Donot be hesitate to talk and roleplay over this. Everything is welcome, except scat. Blood is fine. Bestiality, huge cocks, extreme gaping, extreme sex, monsters, vore etc. I won't judge. Let me know.

Vanilla: - You know the virgin hole and first-time sex? Yeah, that's what is it. Passionate and sensational sex. Can include romance and drama.

DaddyDomxLittleGirl: - Need's explanation? Geez, literally, tied up, dominated, being treated like a lovely princess but fucked like a true fucking whore. Lust and love going in parallel. Being spanked, spoiled like little girl included

MasterxSlave: - Pure Smut. Being used as cumdump anytime anywhere and anyhow. If can handle, abusive, brutal sex, hair-pulling, spanking till red and hot, gagged and skullfucked. Etc.

Rape/Forced: - Hmm, love being used and fucked, even after being raped for the first time by the same person? Teacher raped by students, or best student raped by teacher staff. Maybe a sadist boss got a nice rape lesson at meeting at night? Spin off your idea.

Supernatural: - Imagine being used by cocks making way to your stomach or womb fully when rammed it without mercy and repeatedly pounded? Oh being used as a yearly ritual sacrifice by villagers, which was nothing but gangbang session whole night.

Incest: - Little sister is bothered a lot since she saw her brother's huge cock which he has been hiding. Would he dump his cum deep into her womb on her birthday as her present? Or yet a grown up divorced sister is sexually frustrated seeing her younger brother fucking his girlfriend and decided to have some cum of his that night?

Besties: - Sometimes, two people can get rejected at the same time, and end up unleashing their frustrations over each other, with some hot hardcore steamy sex. Oh forgot to mention, they are besties. Yet late night study turns out same on other case. Sounds fun?

Furry: - All furry are welcome here. I don't have much experience with this. So might like to try out. Let's see, I wonder if a gangbanging feast on birthday sounds good or not.

Pregnancy: - It took a while to get her to warm up to the thrill of pregnancy risk sex, but he was determined to teach her, to train her, to make her into his willing breeding slut.

Etc. Etc.: - Lol, I don't want to hit my head much. If you want to roleplay your plot with me, just let me know here.

If you are interested, follow me and send Invite or Private post with bio. Commenting is not necessary. Feel free to change the plots or discuss your fetishes. I won't judge. As long as we get along. Expect normal talking at first. I like to know people. Don't reply or answer this post if you are a busy one. I hate "Seen" stuffs really a lot. Hangouts is preferred. I did like to have a real bio.

About me, I am mostly dominating, like the rough stuff, deepthroats, anal, creampies etc. Mostly like daddy or master. Just ask me whatever you feel like. I am open to talk anytime. Non-sexual and sexual both.

He continued to pound into her restlessly as she bawled her lungs out from the consecutive orgasms she experienced from his relentless pounding. He paused for a moment to push her further into the wall as he lifted her left leg and slowly turn the panting woman to him as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He allowed the panting woman to catch her breath with their body's slick with sweat as he captured her lips in another heated kiss.

Part II

[Heavy Smut and Purely Sexual Roleplay | Warning ]

Hello, I am looking out some female long term roleplayer partners. For only one plot or rather a role.

Let's see. The role is simple. Sex slave. Take it whichever way you want. If you want romance or anything else. That can be added. But the main theme would be sex only.

Hmm, let's see. She would be fucked. Let me describe what she would be going to handle. From each body parts to all weird fetishes and fantasies. Her hairs would be gripped while any kind of fucking. Her face, her throat, and mouth will be treated like any other holes present. These would be used, abused, spanked, cum dumped and brutally fucked. Her neck, it would be choked in each thrust into her holes, while she would be given space for breathing. Spanking would be constantly given to her tits, ass, face as well as the cunt. Even though it gets red hot or burns. Tits would be sucked, fucked, used as well as abused as desired. Carrying on, to her holes. Since I got one cock, it would be stuffed into any one hole and other will contain a huge dildo so both her holes remain filled. If it's oral sex, both holes will be filled with dildos. She will be fucked senseless like a pleasure toy nothing else. Turning her into personal cum dumping whore. Her ass would be made upside down, will be fucked senseless from mouth gagging and choking while spanking her cunt and ass in the air. Public humiliation, Degradation are common things that will happen to her. Everyday

If you want to add your personal fetishes, you are most welcome. I am a guy, remember it. And I would need a bio, and you should be able to handle personal questions too. Oh if someone is interested in real, they are welcome too. Also if you are a relationship, that creates a boundary. If you can handle you are free to apply. At least, you must not be just roleplaying bot just caring about roleplay, you must also like few of the stuffs as real life fetishes. Else it will feel as if you are just writing bunch of feeling-less lines.

Thank you for your interest~

Part III

You can choose one or both of the parts I & II, yet I did like to mention, if you are actually interested, Private Post me or Send me invite on Hangouts.

But there is a catch, I am openly accepting strictly roleplaying partners, yet replies will be capped at 10 per day at max. Remember I am here to have some fun, that's all. I expect the same from you~

Have a great day/night ahead!~


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(Pp only)
Both you and Arianna were a couple. Arianna was the age of 21 and you the age of 24. Your occupation was a Police officer and Arianna's was a baker, both local.

You had to go on an "Outside" mission. (Outside of the country.) But, you didn't know how to tell Arianna. So..

You waited until she got home one night. And you were just laying in bed, until Arianna walked in. You told her.

"We need to talk.."

She placed her stuff down and sat down next him. Her face already showing a sad expression. You explained you problem. But... Arianna broke into tears. When you tried to give her a small kiss on the head she quickly pushed you away.

You quickly pinned her down on the bed. Tears falling from your eyes onto Arianna. You didn't want to leave her, not at all.

"I'll really miss you.."

5 months later

Arianna is at home, quietly taking a nap. You come home... what's your next step..?

~PP ONLY (You must send it)
~Males Only
~Must talk in third person
~No line requirements
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