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Direction: Michael Winner.
With: Charles Bronson, Vincent Gardenia, Hope Lang, Steven Keats,Jeff Goldblumm and Kathleen Tolan.
A Dino De Laurentiss Presentation.

This movie was the big break trough for Charles Bronson in America.
A made him from a well paid B movie actor in a A Movie star, a box office drawn and a one the biggest classic action stars.
Crime rates hwere growing in the 1970's in the USA and muggings, rapes and riots where reported in the news.
Particular New York was during this time one of the most dangerous cities in the modern world.

A lot of people felt unsafe and hade experience with crime and recognized themself in the "hartbleeding" architect Paul Kersey(Charles Bronson) , who's daughter and wife are robbed, beathen and, in case of daughter Carol are raped by 3 street thugs,one of them Jeff Goldblumm in his debut. Joanna Kersey dies as a result of the wounds and Carol ends in a mental hospital.
Because of this Paul Kerseys world view is totaly upside down.

The former liberal gets frustrated by the incomptence by the Police to catch the offenders and the whole lack of law and order.
and after receiving , as a gift, a gun from a business partner, Kersey desides to "clean"the streets of New York.Posing a s a potential victim, Kersey provokes criminals and kills them. During screening in the movie theatres the audience cheered when Kersey as the Vigilante kills the street scum.

And in the movie it self, Kersey is celebrated by the public, but the Policeis put under pressure by the mayor of New York to arrest the Vigilante.Commissioner Ochoa starts to put a watch on Kersey.
Death wish 1 is a good well made action revenge movie. wit a timeless message about crime, civillized behavior and law and order. Charles Bronson proved to be a good actor.

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