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Welcome to Root Essentials with a brand new page on Google+

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Última ROM multi CSC disponível. Instalei e melhorou a duração da bateria.

This app some have a update or is discontinued???


Great app

It shows mountfailed and cryptofooter not found.why?

I recently rooted my device and was desperately trying to enable the adoptable storage. I did all that was asked from the app and restarted the app and the cell phone multiple time in the process...always stopped by the dialogue box which tells me what's to download and so on. Help.

I tried doing a partition too which didn't go well too..So if anyone want to enlighten me on this?

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Very new to rooting phones . would anybody be so kind as to help me figure out how to root my Galaxy j7

Hey everyone or anyone, I'm trying to get into the factory settings for my boyfriend's phone he has an LG tribute and should I install a root app or whatever lol I'm not exactly in the know on the lingo and it may sound stupid but I need to basically brake into the factory settings like I know someone else already has because I can see that lots of the factory apps especially the ones where u can override permissions and the video and audio are all disabled so can someone please explain what it is exactly I need to do please?

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