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So what's been happening? Well not much to be honest. You see we started this endeavor with the idea that we would create something that we would use everyday ourselves. Something we were proud of. OctOS started on the idea of stability and community. I started here as a tester. +Carl W and +Kevin Chupe needed someone to test their creation. I didn't know shit about custom rom building but I flashed the shit out of anything I could, whenever I could. Pretty soon as OctOS grew I became lead tester and from there It grew. You see Carl was never the one that cared about what skill you had or if you knew code. He would teach you what he knew and was just happy to have you along for the ride. As time went on Carl and Kevin went their separate ways. +Donald Hoskins was still here and kind of took control. Pretty soon I found myself looking at the title of owner on our gplus page. Life happens and people move on. I've tried to maintain OctOS to the standards that Kevin, Carl and Donald started with. Now I am not saying I did this alone. Hell all these years and I am lucky I can cherry-pick LOL. But we always treated our users, testers and team members as Carl treated me. It doesn't matter who you are. We are just glad to have you here with us and we will help you anyway we can. So now we fast forward till the last few months. +Aaron Weis was handling a large (and I mean large) portion of the lead dev work for OctOS. Aaron has a family and a very demanding job. He is one of the nicest guys I got to know and he damn near killed himself trying to keep OctOS going. But eventually it got too much for him. He had to take a break. SO we found ourselves in search of another lead dev. Someone again that would fit the "profile" of an OctOS user. We came along the for PAC-ROM team. Nick is a great guy and was willing to take over the reigns to put OctOS back on track. Unfortunately it just has not worked out. He is a full time college student with a very grueling schedule. As the devices and android versions get more complicated, it's hard to keep up. Why am I telling you all this? Well I guess if you've stuck around and read this novel then you may be able to tell. OctOS is on hold indefinitely. Unless we can find someone willing, able and with the knowledge to take over the reigns we will not be producing roms officially. There is a good chance we may see +Donald Hoskins get into the mix again. If that happens we will be on track for sure. Until then I will be around and will monitor this page. Please stick to the team page rules and post appropriately and respectfully. Who knows what the future holds.........(to be continued??)

Tem rom pro moto g 5s Montana

Post has attachment UNLEASH THE KRAKEN S3 USERS see the post in the S3 section. Want the download? Want some Calamari? Come and get some!!! 297.9 MB!wnACGATb!5kKYlDApe9VzD3bzQlM0922X_8Rwtim59TTh1MJ7XZg 297.9 MB 297.9 MB

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You know I just unleashed a Unified jflte 8.1.0_r20 OREO ROM? Yup I sure did, search for it, and see what you find.
UPDATE: I will try and get the sprint s4 updated to 7.1
I'm pretty sure the only r we have for that is the marshmallow rom.

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Update: OCT-N-COMMUNITY-20180403-0803-jflteatt/jfltecri has been Unleashed. Beware of The Kraken from Tulsa because he is here now.

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Did you guys ever get Oreo up and running?

Whether Oneplus 2 supported for Oreo ?

Anyone tell me Oct n m2 is available for moto xghost ???

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