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Ask general questions about Lockrz here.

Please open a new topic for each question as it can be confusing trying to answer multiple questions at the same time.

If you need a guaranteed answer or need personal support, please raise a support ticket at as I cannot guarantee that I will see every message on this forum. Google plus is awful for having a conversation. I have a 4K monitor yet it insists I post in a tiny box 2 inches wide and I cannot post images or attachments etc.

If I do respond here and attempt to help with your query\issue, please do me the courtesy of letting me know when your issue is resolved.

As well as it just being polite to let someone who is trying to help you know that all is now well, this is also for the benefit of other users who may find your resolution helpful.

If I am "left hanging" by you then I am less likely to respond to your future questions. Help me to help you. As a rule I am stupidly fast in providing support. I care less about doing that for rude people who simply ignore me when they no longer need my help.

I may also delete any messages that give a false impression of the app. For example, if you say that something is not working for you but you then do not respond to attempts to assist you. In my opinion this is usually down to the user misunderstanding a function but future readers have no way of knowing if that is the case.

I just picked up the ZTE Axon 7 Lockrz refuses to run at all. It's a Android 7.0 phone. 

Is there a way to export your password db from Lockrz?

Can Lockrz generate password the same as the password safe pro?

1 Star "review" because the app is not free.

How do these people function?

This type of review makes me question why I bother.

are there any videos that show how to set up different category's and then templets with in the category

Business Info
email login then another level with the name and password

Start with last folder / last card

Quite often Lockrz times out and locks while working with the latest information; when I have to get back to the same card again, I have to log in again (that's fine, as configured) and then navigate all my way back to the card I was working with.
I would like to have another "Start Folder" option: "Last Folder/Card" - that would store my current folder or card I was viewing when Lockrz locks or closes and bring me directly back to it after entering my password.

Display the containing folder of a card

When I had issues locating a card in the folder hierarchy and used the serach for finding it, I would like to see the current folder it is in to be able to move it to a logically better place.
I could imagine different ways to implement (probably not exhaustive, but for illustration):
1. Menu option in the long-press mode:
a) display folder name - to display the full path
b) go to folder - to directly go to the folder containing the card
2. Menu option after opening the card - path display only
3. Display the current folder when updating the card name
- it would probably not consistent updating the folder location in this frame, would it?

Today I was aware that Playstore offered me to install the beta Version oft lockrz. After that I again got the message my test Version expired.

The account for the beta program is the one shpwn for payment, so that is why I got the "wrong" account in lockrz, just because I installed the beta with it.

Workaround to fix this is not to install the beta but the release version.

Fast scroll
I would like to see fast scroll implemented in Lockrz.
It's the feature that allows rapid scrolling by sweeping the right side of the screen (as used by Contacts for example).
If one has a big number of entries this is quite handy a feature indeed.
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