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Entry #3
Name: Scott Cawthon
Info: Years ago, a cult was created who called themselves "FNaF fans" with Scott as their leader. Despite originally being human, years of satanism and rituals have turned him into a powerful entity. Many believe only King Stephen can defeat him.
(Image is Scott Cawthon pre-cult.)

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Entry #4
Name: Stephen Larson (Alias: King Stephen)
Info: A very high and powerful human who currently resides as high king of Thy UTubeTrollPolice, a powerful and feared force. Many serve him, though he is also highly opposed.
Animated Photo

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Entry #2
Name: JaVa's Bizarre Adventure
Info: A popular anime within the universe SMALK resides in.

Entry #1
Info: An average being residing within our Omniverse. Nobody special.
Very good at hurting children's feelings over the Internet.
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