I am going to buy a 2012 camaro ss with 6sp Manuel trans in the next few days. Waiting for a chevy dealer in Texas to call today

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Look man I was drafted in 1970 and went to Viet nam and found out what war was really like I went back there a second time because I liked the country. And my mother is Jewish I am not gooday

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I grew up in inglewood 1950 to 1985. We went to this show every saturday

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I surfed until I was 28 the good wave were at bolona creek Marina del Rey Hermosa beach and el porto by el segundo
"A" is for agility. I love it when I know the people I'm photographing. This one day the light was perfect, the waves were good, and my friend was surfing with grace and confidence. 

If I won the lotty. I would order one with the 427
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