Big Giant Country:

N.A.S.S.A: Sattle-Light Virtual Window hit a blind spot of the Whole Globule World Nation and thought there is no more boundaries that existence to explore. Similar to the moon, Giant Country is not seen by little economist, it happens to appear once a month.

The moon creator bounce reflects, Refracture on the whole Planet, Expanding the whole Planet Earth bigger in side. Giant Country is a Prairie landscape: Farmers:
Acres and Acre's of Fields.

The Trouble: Giant's do not eat Little humans: The Giant have a similar body to Economy people but bigger. The Problem: Giants could mistaken a person for an animal, if the short person do not say something the tall person will never know, however some are friendly, and some are not.

The Friendly Giant visits the Little Economist with-out getting caught blending with-in his environment: The High rise building, Apartments, houses, High Trees, dark shady corners, bill boards where he will not be seen.

The Problem: A New Little Orphan Girl at night was caught by the police. Officer transferred her to Child Aid. The Child Aid Worker decided to Identify her in the morning asking the security to send her to her new Room quarters where there is other children like herself sleeping.

The Orphan Girl could not sleep exploring the temperial new home where she lives. The Giant saw her through the window without been noticed little girl felt a draft, feeling cold. About to shut the window she saw shadow moment on the glass.

The Giant tried to disappear however three Cars turned in the intercession passing the park lot seeing the Giant as part of the building they drove off. The Giant sides with Relief leaning against building. Meanwhile the little girl leaned on the ledge to search what out there as the building shook by accident the little lady fell into his the Nap-sack.

The Giant hopped through over trees, and Passing Regional, Borders of cities, lake, marshes, sandy shore beaches, Hill Mountains, until he reached to Giant country. The Friendly Giant notice something moving in his nap-sack wondering what she is doing in his bag, he calls her My Little Distraction.

The Little Lady was allow to explore Giant Country eventually, warning her not to get step on. At First the Friendly Giant caged her so he could keep an eye on her warning her not to wonder too far. Because of her Independence, The Friendly Giant gave the little Lady a remote car to drive and so she can see the prairie lands, He decided to let her go and see the sights.

The Economy of Giant's relative child in the morning was going to school. Droving the vehicle around town the public did not seem to notice, driving through the market place and back, The Little Giant carried her on his shoulder to Orb Forest to see the mystical Dreamensional Ora's.

The Problem: One of the acquaintances pick up the
vehicle and saw the little girl. He thought the Doll
was life like. The acquaintance's grew suspicious keeping
a close eye on the friendly Giant. To him something did not feel right, breaking into his house to search for the life like doll.

Since the Friendly Giant let her see Giant Country,
The Little Girl brought him an exchange to visit the Queen.
The Giant must be well matter bringing the Gift of upside down Fizzy propulsion drink.

Do not Forget the Friendly Giant has friends:
He should not have be the only one to be alone.
Keep in Mind:

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