"I feel like we made a mistake."

General Info
Name: Webber
Nickname: Webby
Age: 20 Years Old
Gender/Sexuality: Male and single and ready to mingle-
Species: Some sort of Spider Monster/Human hybrid, and no, some guy or girl didn't fuck a spider-

Physical Information
Body Type: Somewhat skinny and muscular
Weight: 124 Pounds
Height: 5'11
Actual Appearance: Webber is a Humanoid Spider, which they are covered in jet black fur, has eight eyes, and for some reason, also has Arachnid-Like Appendages on each side of their head.

Yes Or No?
Peircings? No
Scars? Yes, there's this one scar over their arm, it's covered by their fur.
Glasses? Nope, why even bother when you have Eight eyes?
Nymphomaniac? No, but that could change.
Umm.. This part says "Curvy" but Webber's a guy- Okay, let's see.. Umm.. Oh yeah, Long Dick? YeS-
Safety? Depends which hole, But yes.

Fun Facts!
Webber is in that Two Minds One Body scenario, this is why he uses both Plural (Us, We, Them) and Male (He, his, him) pronouns.

Webber, despite their strength to be able to eat anything edible without worry, gets drunk/high easily.

The Spider sometimes wears 1920s themed clothing. So expect him to wear Suspenders And Slacks and stuff like that.

Webber could possibly get hard if you pet them and/or scratch behind their ears.

//Closed to +Amy Zamarripa​!
Webber would finally find their way to the building. Jeez, it was hard to find their way around when all they could hear and see is people doing, ahem, adult things. Despite this, The Spider walked to the elevator. And theeen they'd finally get to Amy's office, clearly charmed from before and started the birth of many thoughts

Not gonna lie, Webber moaned a bit thinking of said thoughts.

Post has attachment
Mayors are the greatest people to talk to, they're communicative, praise their city, and support others. But for a Mayor involved in a city of sex, that was...entirely different. A young Asian woman in her 20s appeared to have a secretary's head in between her legs, moaning in pure ecstasy as the secretary was on her knees with no shame. The Mayor was known as Amy, one perverted Mayor with no shame nor remorse, she was always happy with sex, drugs, and beer.

"Nnngh~ Welcome to the City of Ecstasy and Bliss, hope you enjoy your stay, sweethearts~"

Amy would wink at whoever stood in front of her desk before leaning her head back and placing her hand on the back of this secretary's head with a few box of condoms lying around around with some lubricant.

General Information:

First Name: Amy
Last Name: Zamarripa
Nicknames: Rose
Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Chinese

Physical Information:

Body Type: Busty and round
Height: 6 ft, 3 in.
Weight: 145 pounds

Yes or No:

Piercings: No.
Scars: No.
Glasses: Yes.
Nymphomaniac: Yes.
Curvy: Yes.
Prostitute: Sorta.
Safety: Sometimes

"Come by and let me bounce on you anytime~"
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