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Name: Kimber NIghtshade
Godly parent:Hades, greek god of death and riches
Weapon:bow and arrow, daggar
Powers: Can Summon the dead, Shadow travleler, Summon riches from the earth.
Gender: Female
Saying:You cant kill me, I was BORN from death
Biography: Born in the underworld, came to the surface to help humans.
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"Have you come to laugh at me?...Laugh away...I care not..."
Aisuggu stood at the tip of the tall peek, her hair waving in the wind. She watched as the snow slowly start to cover the untouched rocks with ice
Aisu: ......

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Name: Rokir Nizun
Age: 28
Parent/Parents: Odin, mother is unknown
Weapon: war axes as well as two scythes he calls Re and Na( gifts from Odin)
Powers: abnormal strength, fast healing, battle rage
Nickname of child: SoulTaker
appearance: armored pic is him in combat, pic with skin shown is outside of battle
Mythology of origin:(Norse
Favorite saying: I was a beast before I was a man
Bio: he was found in the snow during a blizzard and taken in by a berserker, he was trained in the art of berserkang and is a feared warrior in his lands, on a quest to find his mother he left his homeland and went south
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Name: Aisuggu

Age: 21
Parent/Parents: Unknown
Weapon: None
Powers: Ice magic and transformation abilities
Nickname of child: Shade 
Gender: Female
Mythology of origin: Japanese
Bio: She was found by a woman who was unable to conceive children. As she grew, she found that her power was beyond humans and ran. Her mother was happy with her choice, but lost her life protecting her location. She now wanders around many worlds in search of a place to call her home before she waits her long years...
((Adding a little extra cause why not))
Extra: The first picture represents her sorrow and anger because she is a deity.
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Name:  Dusk Apep
 Age: 12
 Parent/Parents: Apep
 Weapon: Staff of chaos
 Powers: chaos control, rage
Nickname of child: son of chaos
 Gender:  Male
appearance: {if no pic)
Mythology of origin: Egypt
  Bio:  ??? (unknown atm)

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Name: Sharifa Geb
Age:  19
Parent/Parents: Geb, Nut
Weapon: Whip of the Eternal Earth
 Powers:  earth manipulation and sky manipulation, shields, Wind control, gravity manipulation
Nickname of child: The Starry Between
Gender: Female
appearance: pic below
Mythology of origin: Egyptian
 Bio: Daughter of geb and nut, she is the starry between that ra tried to split, her personality is loving and kind and very protective. Her love for the earth and sky makes her very interesting. But get on her bad side and she will make the earth roar in anger.

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as the sky glows in light a battle is about to clash between Ra and Aroura between the destroyer Apep

mount etna calmly sleeps as Apep Erupts from the water
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