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Hey everyone!

We're back with a new update packed with some great stuff to play around with. Check out our new "Offline Folders" feature that let's you select a folder and take it offline so you can use it without a network connection. When this is released broadly, it will be a feature for paid users Office 365 (Business or Consumer), but try it out now during Beta and let us know what you think.

We are also releasing GIF support in our native viewers. This will be available to all customers, so upload a GIF, give it a shot, and let us know what you think.

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Olá #WindowsInsiders, estamos nos movendo que Insiders no Preview Release anel para o construir 15063 para PC

Hi all can somebody invite me to the windows beta program for Android somehow? I'm a #WindowsInsiders 

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Hey everyone. OneDrive is one of the best cloud services. But one feature will make it the ultimate beast. Please add the face/people tagging feature. It's one of the most wanted features since last year. Please start thinking about this.


Hi am a tester and I have attempted to get my 100 gb for free and It has not came trow please fix and thank you.


Well I think the update has no bugs at all so far I have not found any so keep up the good work.

I want to be a tester please

Microsoft be coming out with with some crazy shit.. Onedrive been a favorite of mine since it started in the beginning .

We'd like the ability to have a notification after a user saves a document on PC by using OneDrive, please.
For example: "You've saved your document on a Windows device to OneDrive. Would you like to continue here where you left off? Yes/No".
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